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Adam Kokesh MONEYBOMB ***TODAY***, September 30th!

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Imagine this man in Congress, standing up for us all against endless war and endless debt.
Imagine the precedent he will set with his pledge to take home no more income than the national average, and donating the rest to a charity voted on by his constituents.
Imagine, and see it in your mind as a reality.

Now, help him get there.

9/30 is the last day of the quarter. The campaign has been pushing to raise their total over $100,000 to help discourage potential primary challengers. Supporters have declared 9/30 as the day for a mini-bomb to raise $30k. Their idea is to get 1,000 people to donate $30.

Join us!

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Comment by Michael Maresco
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The mini bomb is building :D Thanks to Freedom's Phoenix for helping to promote the last minute push to $100k. We are about $10k away and donations are coming in. Please join the fight, for respect of the Constitution, by contributing today, thanks

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