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Ron Paul on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 09/29/2009

Written by Subject: r3VOLution Continues
Jon Stewart interviews Congressman Ron Paul.  Jon talks about what a nicely written book “End The Fed” is.  Most books written by politicians are cut and paste and quotes by Churchill and then references to god and country.  Your book on the other hand, seems like you have put a lot of thought and effort into your book… and you call your self a congressman!  Ron Paul “ my biggest concern is personal Liberty.  Republicans and democrats have very little respect for personal liberty.   I want government to be small, when the government is big you have less personal liberty.  We have to find out how they finance big government.  They Tax us a lot and that doesn’t pay the bills and they borrow a lot but that is not enough to pay the bills.  There is another method and that has to do with ‘The Fed’.  They have what is called the counterfeit machine.  They just print the money when they need it.  If you or I did that we would go to jail.  ‘The Fed’ does it in secrecy, the get away with it and the government keeps growing.  You have run away welfare spending. Then on top of that, they use this to finance these wars that are so ridiculous, undeclared wars endless wars, unconstitutional wars.  Good wars long  wars all kinds of undeclared wars.  All with no end in sight.  I put a lot of blame on ‘The Fed’ because they monetize this debt.”    

And from June 4th 2007

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