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Nuclear War: Iran Unfit For Obama’s Foolish Negotiations

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Iran

    We just leave it to foxy Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to press the nuclear button … while we prepare for the worst. This time probably we are waiting for a nuclear apple in the box – terror’s Christmas present in a busy and crowded December this holiday season … God forbids!

      As usual Washington sucks!  It installed Mohamed ElBaradej as head of the UN IAEA whose loyalty is inimical to the interest of the United States in the Middle East. Clandestine nuclear activities of rogue countries in his reports and recommendations are almost always for peaceful purposes – a cover up for international recognition to win a Nobel Peace trophy.

    His Arabic personality and UN posturing in this regard “… brought him in conflict with the United States in the case of Iraq and Iran.”  And it did win him the 2005 Nobel Peace award.

     I exposed ElBaradej’s lies. Read this  Headline Column and find out.

    When diplomacy gets out of control, the enemy and their allies within thought we are sending them a bouquet of flowers thanking them for reminding us how stupid we are.

     Click here and find out. Read more ...


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