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Transparency? U.S. Immigration prepares for workload spike....

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As the forced healthcare debate rages on and as recently reported Democrats removed provisions for illegal aliens proof of citizenship seems they will force us one way or the other to pick up the tab for criminals who have committed a felony by entering our country illegally in the first place Reuters is reporting the U.S. Immigration is preparing for a huge increase in their workload.
"The U.S. government agency in charge of processing naturalization and residency applications is preparing for a surge in its workload if President Barack Obama pushes ahead with federal immigration reform next year granting millions of undocumented workers legal status.
A spokesman for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said the agency is gearing up to handle the huge increase in applications in applications expected if immigration reform is passed by the U.S. Congress"
Now aside from the fact that the American people have told CONgress repeatedly they do not want this shoved down their throats and the CONgress is supposed to be working for US not criminals who have no right to be in the country in the first place it seems very DECEPTIVE that the costs that will be incurred and passed on to those who actually pay taxes are not being discussed regarding the forced socialized healthcare.
Transparency give me a break!  It is a well known fact that even if legalized and their status is changed from Illegal Aliens to legal immigrants that for years they are a burdon on the taxpayers since history shows due to low wage jobs, etc. they take far more out of the system then they contribute. With all the socialized programs in America today Food Stamps, Low Income Housing, EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit), Day Care Subsidies, etc.  Wages are also depressed with the influx and the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) which is a credit whereby low income workers can pay in nothing and receive thousands from you the taxpayer is another consideration.  It will grow considerably.
Either the U.S. Immigration Agency knows something we are not being told (like they plan to shove legalization down our throats despite our objections) or they are doing this for naught and I doubt that, someone must have directed them to prepare!

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