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Corey Smith - F**k the Po Po - Video (WARNING - Explicit Lyrics!)

Written by Subject: Police State
Fuck The Po-po        lyrics

Blue lights flashin
They had traffic stopped
And highway 11's done turned into to a permanant road block.
I wasnt drivin,my wife was my DD and she hadnt drank a drop,still got hassled by the JPD.
And i said "hey dude cant you just leave her alone,she aint done nothin wrong,and we just wanna go home" whoa whoa.

And i was mad as hell thinkin fuck the popo
And they wonder why,folks dont trust 'em no more. whoa whoa
And im not gonna let this go,so im singin fuck the popo.

So i got arrested
Just for speakin up and that cop said "boy the only right you have is to shut the fuck up"
Now im a jailbird,ive done time in the pen,and Ive got a real messed up story to tell all my friends.
My name was in the newspaper in my hometown,they ruined my reputation because i wouldnt bow down no no

And now im mad as hell,singin fuck the popo.
And they wonder why folks dont trust 'em no more. Whoa whoa
And im not gonna let this go
So im singin fuck the popo

Two fingers in the air for the JPD
The long arm of the law comin down on me
Now i understand why all those rappers are mad
They must have been treated as badly as i have
Now im screamin thug life fuck the popo
Shootin birds out the window whenever the cops go by
They're puttin roadblocks in front of my house man
Im startin to feel like i live under the taliban
Cant drive home without a gun in my face
Thursday through sunday they're invadin my space
Tellin me its for my sake
They're keepin the streets safe
By gettin the drunks off of the highway
But i say man thats a big fuckin lie
Its all about the money from the dui's
otherwise they'd be parked out in front of this bar
Givin free breathalizers before we get in our cars
Instead they just hide about three miles away
Sit and wait for one of us to make a mistake
Drink a little too much you'll be cuffed and stuffed
And probably roughed up if you complain enough
You'll be carted off to jail in the land of the free
Another victim of the overzealous JPD
Now dont get me wrong i dont mean disrespect
Theres alot of good cops that serve and protect
They boldly put their life on the line to protect our rights and give us peace of mind
But for every cop who thinks his badge is a crown
This song is for you and I'll never bow down

And now Im mad as hell singin fuck the popo
And they wonder why folks dont trust 'em no more
And I'm not gonna let this go
So im singin fuck the popo

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Roadblock Blues. 

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