Article Image - October 4th 2009

Written by Subject: Federal Reserve
Weekend Edition, October 3-4, 2009
It's 50th High School Reunion Day!
And Gary North is master of ceremonies.
The Fed Fighter
A NY Times interview with Ron Paul.
There Is No 'Jobless Recovery'
There is no recovery at all, says Peter Schiff.
Joseph, Secretary of Agriculture
Frank Chodorov on the lessons we can learn from a famous Old Testament tale.
Secret History of the '60s and '70s
James Ellroy lays it all bare.
Green Is Red
Bill Buppert has had it with the statism, lies, and guilt-trips of the environmentalists.
The drive to legalize pot in California begins.
The Vine That Ate the South
The amazingly useful, healthful kudzu.
How Goldman Sachs Persuades the Senate
An inside look from Matt Taibbi. NB: some bad language.
The New Republic of Texas
Will Austin become Liberty Central, or a little Washington, DC? Article by Russ Longcore.
The Syncopation of Government and Media for War
John Pilger on the depth of corruption in the campaign against Iran.
The Nerds Won the Olympics
They beat Barack, Michelle, Rahm, Richard, Oprah, the machine, the media: the whole establishment.

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