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Hope and Change

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October 4, 2009 Hope and Change

Writes Cory Brickner:

I was first turned to your website probably somewhere in 2001 by one Marc Victor, of the Freedom Summit. Marc and I used to be neighbors, and ironically met from our mutual friendship with Ernest Hancock, whom I’ve known since 1994 when I moved to Arizona.

To make a long story short, I found Libertarian politics with Ernie. I couldn’t imagine a world without government, but that was because I didn’t understand the foundations of such a place. When Marc first sent me your way, I found it interesting, but I didn’t agree with your points of view. I felt a kinship, but I still had foundations in my government ingrained education that I hadn’t exorcised. The Freedom Summit in which you attended in 2002 here in Phoenix helped to jump-start my education of Austrian economics.

You, your website, and the Mises Institute were/are invaluable to me in my education about life without government. I am so compelled by what you represent and the people you associate with, that I have a monthly recurring donation to the Mises Institute.

I’m just writing to say thank you for being Lew. Your recent interview on the Ron Smith show was fantastic. For all that is wrong with our country and the world today, you, Ron Paul, and those that associate with you and the Mises Institute are the real hope and change for the future of humanity. You represent the last flame of true liberty that exists. Amongst all the totalitarianism, fascism, and socialism that our species subjects itself to here on Terra Firma, I actually feel more upbeat about the possibility of the expansion of Liberty now than at any other time in my adult life. The events of the W. and Obama presidencies, with the Austrian School correctly predicting the outcomes, have created circumstances that may never come again in our lifetime.

I hope we, the people, can capitalize on this very brief point in time of opportunity to advance liberty and turn back the tide of government growth.


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