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John Stossel Speech at Indianapolis Economic Club

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)
We went to listen to John Stossel on Tuesday and here is the broadcast of the event.  If you notice he mentions the libertarians present in the audience (we were in that group of tables).  The applause is from ourselves mostly.  We did get to go say hello to him, got our pictures taken with him and he signed a pocket Constitution for my husband. 

John Stossel Speech at Indianapolis Economic Club: ABC News reporter, and soon to be FOX Business
"Health care:  The President has a point, he has said 'the current system is unsustainable'  Medicare is 36 TRILLION dollars in the hole.  This is a Ponzi Scheme.  So we have Obama Scare, the media calls it health care reform.  The dictionary says reform means an improvement.   Obama Scare will give us LESS options.  Someone Pays for you.  Compare health care to free market health care found in lasic surgery.  In the free market health care the quality goes up and the price goes down.  The freemarket does all this for you."

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