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John Elway sells out via CIAC $ponsored 'Hit List Video'. Am I a Terrorist??

Written by Charles Gillespie Subject: Activism
 The scary thing about this video is that, much like the launch of a new state owned, crowd-control, "Domestic Use Pain Engaging" weapon, (or 'DUPE' for short) I am reminded of its intended use which stares at me with it's twisted, demonic face...In this case, it’s pointed directly at the general public or ‘We the People' ~ (or 'We the Herd', which is better applied depending on analytical persuasion).
This boldly, cut-and-dried piece of rhetoric never allows the viewer their own thoughts with the constant imagery of the average American apparently involved in all sorts of bad behavior...such as "Elicitation", which is defined on the CIAC website as being: "People or organizations attempting to gain information about military operations, capabilities, or people".
GREAT! Now I have to turn myself in to the government because I made some inquiries as to WHY our military or paramilitary elements would consider forcing the public into vaccinations of a biologically 'enhanced' compound that’s proven to kill, (or worse)! I guess it might be considered 'wrong' for me to question such things, but still... I can't seem to stop wondering 'why' I a Terrorist?? OH MY!!
Then I got to thinking; 'perhaps I’m not the only one to ponder such things'...maybe there are others like myself who consider that they've been 'DUPED' by our governmental agencies.
Low and behold!! I learned that not-only is there a vast and thriving community of citizenry who regularly engage in such "activities" but it’s rapidly growing to monumental proportions everywhere I look!
It seems that like me, many are beginning to 'Wake Up' to the fact that our government could be engaged in such activities as "elicitation" against its own people.
With each piece of legislation like the 'Patriot Act', it would appear that our government is "collecting data, information, habits, activities made by mail, email, telephone, or in person including eavesdropping or friendly conversation" against us... Hmmm?!
Why would the government need to keep tabs on its people so desperately while at the same time avoid such obvious scrutiny of relevance and truth??
Once a person of reasonable intellectual awareness takes the time to review the F.A.C.T.S. concerning September 11 or the Oklahoma City Bombing, one realizes that the information slandered by our 'governmental reports' DO NOT coincide with physical proof of evidence upheld by the judicial branch of our government.

This evidence, let alone the cover-ups and intentional hiding of key-eye witness testimony certainly smells of a conspiracy on the government's behalf; thus warranting further investigation, yet it doesn't seem to happen with this same sense of urgency... ‘WHY'?

I hadn't really considered our government LYING to us in connection to this video until around frame 5:01 when I noticed the 'police uniforms' being stolen. A few frames later it was again implied, planting the seed of thought that 'the MAN, might not be what HE is supposed to be’. It's as if we should suspect ANYONE in uniform, especially if their motives indicate that they intend to do us HARM in some undisclosed way. THIS concept really opened up the old receptors on all sorts of strange behavior our government seems to be partaking in as of late.

The incredible footage taken during the G20 protests points to this, especially with the latest Powell Gammill report on > Militarized G-20 Police Take Over Pittsburgh Street; Bicycle Police Mace Onlookers.  Innocent bystanders are shot in the face with pepper spray to help them 'comply faster'; what a disturbing concept on its own, but hard for the average citizen to imagine as to 'WHY'. This video, much like many others on the same subject show fellow Americans dressed up like ‘Imperial Storm Troopers of Death’ dispensing their heartless H.A.T.E. towards every citizen they encounter. When you consider the lack of violence on behalf of the local citizenry compared to the amount of state imposed wrath…You begin to feel 'a bit uneasy' at the very least. Then we are vexed with the parting thought that we “haven't seen the last of it”…no, not by a long shot.

I encourage everyone to evaluate the CIAC's "Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism" imagery and lackluster talent chosen as the vehicle for this astounding message. Ask yourself if the "be a snitch on your neighbor - your very life depends on it" waft doesn't remind you of what it must have felt like to live amongst the Nazis in Germany during the 30’s & 40’s.

It is quite clear to me that these are 'the shapes of things to come' in so many ways that I cringe to wonder what will happen next; “the state eliciting information from our children at school as to what's going on in the home-front”? WAIT!! That one is already happening...RATS!! "DUPED" again! 

RE: and   Corruptive Media' are the 'chosen one' to perform this illicit function by the state of Colorado. I wonder who else they can get to help them pull off this Dirty Napolitano Trick.

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