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Arizona has Authority to MANDATE Vaccinations (BIG Update) (From 2009 coverage)

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The link below is an MP3 of a radio show done with Powell Gammill (Fmr. Manager of the Arizona Department of Health Bio-Terrorism Lab & Senior Editor of FreedomsPhoenix and Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress 5 times)

(2014-09-20 - Publisher: FreedomsPhoenix began covering the issue of Forced Injections in 2009 and a street campaign was launched that reveled many interesting pieces of information -
Vaccines and Vaccinations  Radio Show with a great deal of the story about our efforts here in Arizona

Better late than never... I got a call at 7:30pm from the Arizona Department of Health Services Public Information Officer. She was very helpful and answered my questions. Here's the Answer. "Yes". The State of Arizona has the power to force the H1N1 Vaccine into the bodies of Arizona Residents, or,... if you claim religious reasons (otherwise you would have been happy to take whatever they wanted you to) you are then sent to jail (but they promise it to be a very nice jail).

My mantra has always been, "If those in government _can_ take an action that will maintain and/or enhance their positions of power and influence,... they will". As the economy continues to demonstrate its reaction to government manipulation, each individual state (and Arizona is one of the most, if not _the most_ in debt per resident) is at the 'mercy' of the Federal Government for their "Bailout". These bailouts will come with strings.
A little research and Googling will likely produce almost identical reports and recommendations in many other states. The only thing keeping Arizona from following in the footsteps of other states like New York (mandating vaccinations) is the insistence by the people that this action would create "Blowback".


UPDATE: Senior Editor of FreedomsPhoenix, Powell Gammill was Manager of the Bio-Terrorism detection section of the Arizona State Public Health Lab from 2000-2003... so he knew where to look...

Arizona Revised Statutes

Title 36 Public Health and Safety

 ARS 36-787 Public health authority during state of emergency or state of war emergency

Article 12 Public Health Crisis...


Changing 36/00796.08 to the next law 36/00796.09 in the URL produces this...

Soooo... let's call the AzDepartment of Health Services again and see if we can find out what is behind Article 12.... ring ring ring


Arizona Influenza Pandemic Response Plan
(Page 14)
6. Legal preparedness
• ARS 36-788 provides for mandatory vaccination during a public health emergency, with an exception for those who refuse on religious grounds, who in turn can be quarantined during the period of risk for exposure.

Most links below have been removed by Arizona Government. But this one might help fill in some blanks As I remember (today is Saturday September 3rd 2016) The DUI Checkpoints would evolve into CDC/are You Vaccinated Checkpoints. The Extreme DUI jurisdiction of the courts to mandate medical treatment/Blood drawing etc. was to be the infrastructure for the administering of Vaccines or the detention of those that would not comply. The Obama Administration triggered a "National Emergency" at the Federal Level that triggered Powers by the Governor (Janet Napolitano at the time) to force state mandated vaccinations... so we got active. Now it's time to educate again.

Most of the references to The Plan have been deleted from government records...

Table A1

Source documents of state pandemic influenza plans

State Website Date

US overview 4 Nov 2005
Alabama 4 Oct 2005
Alaska Mar 2005 (draft)
Arizona Aug 2005
Arkansas 2 Aug 2005 (revised)

Arizona Immunization Program Office

(Update: Links moved... Click Here for Search Results)

Influenza (Flu) in Arizona

H1N1 InformationSeasonal Flu InformationPandemic Flu Information

Pandemic Flu Information

Report to Homeland Security Council

Arizona Public Health Responses to the New H1N1 Virus

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I cut/paste the actual law in a previous comment.  It says the disease must be fatal.  H1N1 should not be considered a fatal disease, but I'll bet there's some legalese somewhere that defines "fatal" in government's favor.

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36-788. Isolation and quarantine during a state of emergency or state of war emergency

A. During a state of emergency or state of war emergency as declared pursuant to section 36-787, the department or local health authority must initiate an investigation if that agency has reasonable cause to believe that a highly contagious and fatal disease exists within its jurisdiction. Subject to the provisions of this article, persons who have contracted the disease or who have been exposed to the disease may be subject to isolation and quarantine if the director determines that quarantine is the least restrictive means by which the public can be protected from transmission of the disease, due to the nature of the disease and available preventive measures, or refusal by an individual to accept less restrictive measures to prevent disease transmission. Diseases for which isolation and quarantine may be ordered do not include acquired immune deficiency syndrome or other infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus.

B. The department or local health authority may, during the state of emergency or state of war emergency declared by the governor, do the following:

1. Establish and maintain places of isolation and quarantine, which may include the residence of the person quarantined.

2. Require isolation or quarantine of any person by the least restrictive means necessary to protect the public health. The department or local health authority shall use all reasonable means to prevent the transmission of disease among the isolated or quarantined persons.

C. The department, a county health department or a public health services district shall ensure, to the extent possible, that the premises in which a person is isolated or quarantined is maintained in a safe and hygienic manner and is designed to minimize the likelihood of further transmission of disease or other harm to a person subject to isolation or quarantine. Adequate food, clothing, medication and other necessities, competent medical care and means of communicating with those in and outside these settings shall be made available.

D. A person subject to isolation or quarantine shall comply with the department's or local health authority's rules and orders, shall not go beyond the isolation or quarantine premises and shall not come in contact with any person not subject to isolation or quarantine other than a physician or other health care provider, department or local health authority or person authorized to enter an isolation or quarantine premises by the department or local health authority.

E. Other than a person authorized by the department or local health authority, a person shall not enter an isolation or quarantine premises. If, by reason of an unauthorized entry into an isolation or quarantine premises, the person poses a danger to public health, the department, or local health authority may place the person in isolation or quarantine pursuant to this section or section 36-789.

F. The department, or local health authority must terminate isolation or quarantine of a person if it determines that the isolation or quarantine is no longer necessary to protect the public health.


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Prayers for those who try to enforce this law.