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Nobel Peace Prize That Obama Got Is Not What You Think It Is

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Weird/Offbeat News

    This catchphrase of deception is an oxymoron … an award for peace when actually it is a reward for mastering the art of lying in public, radical activism, violence and murder.

     Oxymoron is a phrase using words of contradictory meaning for special effect. “Wise fool” or “legal murder” is a given example … use of words with contradictory meaning.

      Thus an award for “violent peace” that the Nobel Peace Prize stands for is an oxymoron that is hardly known to the outside world.

     For violence and murder, Yasser Arafat got this award for peace in 1994.  

     Arafat attracted the attention and praise of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Stockholm as an accomplished terrorist the world had ever known.  Terror for peace was a perfect oxymoron that was so deserving of the Nobel Peace award.

     What’s special about Arafat as a Nobel peace awardee was the use of his fork tongue in conducting a treacherous diplomacy and peace negotiations with Israel. As a specialist for murder, he fooled the world with his agenda for peace from Hell.

     In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Arafat has a special taste for bombing crowded places, an infamous and horrifying kind of terror in the Middle East. He and his shrouded assassins that walked in the shadow of negotiations, diplomacy and treachery, had murdered innocent civilians, blasting their bodies using PLO’s “specially homemade bombs” that kill and maim bystanders including children.

     How skillful was Arafat in covering up his agenda for murder through diplomacy and negotiations only matches President Barack Obama’s notoriety in hiding his own agenda from Hell via his propensity to lie in public through smooth oratory.  Both are gifted with a fork tongue that the Antichrist have for the coming of the Apocalypse [book of Daniels and the Revelation]. 

     For example, how Obama was able to get himself elected president of the United States by openly lying in public that he was a natural born American citizen [if the case of birth certificate forgery now pending in Court is decided that he was not] is more deserving of the Nobel Peace award.  Obama received this award as Arafat did, on October 9, 2009.

      Details are in my column at National Writers This NWS link Sumcad would bring you there. Specifically, you can read more about it by opening this portal:

Nobel Peace Prize Agenda From Hell.

      Radical and violent activism in the Philippines received a Nobel Peace Prize on February 25, 2001.  

In handing this award for peace to People Power activists in a spate of radical activism and violence that engulfed the entire Philippine archipelago, Pierre Marchand, then chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation, went on record with this open lie in public: "The world is sick and tired of war and violence. . . . You have given a gift to a world that knows only force and violence—of effecting radical change without firing a shot”.   

      By the way, records show that politicized soldiers with tanks, radical gods with gold and goons with guns clashed in the street of EDSA.  Several dead bodies were buried under the banner stories of an accomplice Media in revolt, extolling the violent change of a constitutional government that was replaced by protesting demonstrators in EDSA.

      Nobel Peace Prize weirdoes destabilized the Philippines.  No foreign investors would go to the Philippines and invest money for development. The political activist leadership of the country – foolishly proud of the Nobel Peace award that was received on February 25, 2001 -- took Marchand’s advice by heart … that the government can be changed anytime of the day if they want to simply by ignoring the Constitution.  It scared investors away.

     Today the President that rules the country is not a constitutionally elected head of state.  President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was installed president by the People Power of EDSA.

      Arroyo believed to become president for life is perpetually on guard against those who attempt to grab power from her the way she did when she grabbed the presidency from constitutionally elected President Joseph Estrada whom she put in “house arrest” for years. 

      Since this Nobel Peace award up to now, the once economically strong Philippines because of its rich natural resources and the only English-speaking nation in the Far East that Japan feared to compete is now rated by the IMF as one of the poorest in the world.

      In short, don’t be mesmerized by the Nobel Peace Prize as a reward from Hell that anyone should make a mistake of receiving and be foolishly proud of.

      If Obama and Arafat deserved it, it does not necessarily mean that you too deserved it!  

      The Nobel Peace Prize is not what you think it is! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access, October 15, 2009.

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