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4409 -- DHS: Buying Diapers is Suspicious Activity

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DHS claims that buying Diapers is a Suspicious Activity so Renee decided to call them :)

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Comment by Richard Stone
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It never ends, the stupidity and waste of money of our government is infinite. Watch out for diaper bombers everyone !!!!!!!!!!!! You could get pooed !!!!!!!!! 

Comment by Found Zero
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I guess DHS is worried about a "dirty bomb".

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Ahhhh....HA HAHAH HA HA HAH HA HAHHA....Uhhhh...huh..huh..huh...ha! DAMN! HA HAHAHHAHAHA HAAA!! WHEW WEEEEE!! "My next door neighbor terrorizes ME!!" HEEE ehe hehehe he he he...snicker'...uhh...dang'!

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