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Brian Sandoval: Politics in the Internet Age

Written by Subject: Politics: Republican Campaigns
I can't imagine how much money Brian Sandoval spent on a website advertising his run for Nevada governor.  I can't imagine spending any money on the Brian Sandoval for governor web site.
"Brian Sandoval for Governor" over a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head would be equally as uninforming.

Oh, Brian Sandoval drives a pickup!  Or, maybe the only Brian Sandoval bumper sticker is found on a pickup truck (is that a Nissan Titan?).
But, wait, by becoming a "Sandoval Pioneer" you can "get something you won't see on the campaign trail!"

No, not any sort of campaign message, an opportunity to take money you earned through hard labor and donate it to the cause of supporting one more non-productive member of society.
"A reason to believe again" you say?  What, is it a secret?

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