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Arizona Delegates Announced for Continental Congress 2009

Written by Subject: Continental Congress 2009
Last year I served the Libertarians of Arizona as a Delegate at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, Colorado.  I went with expectations of seeing 'The Party of Principle' do the right thing and nominate and run a candidate that represented the core Libertarian Constitutional Republic Ideal that our Forefathers fought for and in some cases gave their LIVES to create and defend.
We know how THAT turned out...
As a neophyte not wanting to 'offend' anyone of 'stature', I was more an observer that participant (that's how control works when others are in power), and watched helplessly as another 'good thing swirled down the tubes.'
Oh how I hate 'politics'. 
Well, the results of the election for the upcoming HISTORIC EVENT OF THE CENTURY - the 'Continental Congress 2009' to be held in St. Charles, Illinois next month are in, and the Delegates chosen are Barry Hess of Phoenix, myself, and Howard Blitz of Yuma - with Ralph Luciani of Phoenix as Alternate.
This time things are juuuust a bit different.
In this R3VOLUTION I have been engaged in for the last couple of years I have actively taken steps to do what I can to slow down and if possible reverse the violations that have gone on unabated for who-knows-how-long that people like me have allowed while not fulfilling our DUTIES as Americans.  I was asleep for a long time; but now I am FULLY awake. 
I am no neophtye, and I SHALL NOT GO QUIETLY!  I'm going to fight tooth and nail for my family and yours.  I honestly believe that this country is in as big a need for this Continental Congress as the last one, and probably even more.  We do not have the luxury of an opponent in a fixed geographical location with Red Coats on.  Our 'domestic enemies' (which I define as those who violate the Constitution or their sworn solemn Oath to 'protect and defend' it) are among us, and many of them are in positions of power.  And they want more.  Hell, they want it ALL, and you know it as well as I do.  We can look back and SEE what they have been doing, and from where one comes from, one can see where they go.  We are just as outnumbered as the Colonist were. 
But I also believe that we are endowed with their spirit.  I feel it coursing hot through my veins every time I hear about someone spew about ‘democracy’.
As your representative, I NEED your involvement.  Please review the CC2009 website, understand what we have done up to now and what we are up against, and send me your thoughts on what you would have us discuss, and any suggestions as to remedies to offer the American people in this time of need.
Continental Congress 2009 Arizona website with Delegate bios and contact information:
Continental Congress 2009 main site:
We the People for Constitutional Education (complete history of what we have done):
We the People Congress:
Of course efforts like these require funding.  Times are tough for everyone these days and our Delegates will be engaged for two weeks.  PLEASE consider making a donation to help feed and house our Delegates, and provide their airfare by clicking on the Arizona Button here:
One more thing.  The entire two weeks will be webcast for everyone to monitor our progress.  I am working on having an open communication via the internet so that if someone wants to bring up something that they see isn’t being addressed or want to object to something, they can let the Delegates know in REAL TIME!  Big difference from Prof. Blair Gatsby not eating in front of Sen. John McCain’s office for 17 days just to get to meet him and speak face-to-face and address his questions concerning 9-11-2001 (which he never did get to even speak with)!  This is the age of ‘instant communication’, yet we are supposedly ‘represented’ by people we can’t even TALK with!?!
Not on MY watch!
Not only will I blog the hell out of my experiences, *if I can* I will try and rig a webcam on myself so you can see what I see and hear what I hear.  I have always given what I hope to expect and treated others the way I want to be treated because that is the way I was raised.  When I envision the same thing from those who ‘represent’ me, I can see technology working for us the way it should rather than being the excuse for why we can’t participate.
Let’s see what develops, shall we?
At Your Service,
Ed Vallejo
AZ Coordinator
Continental Congress 2009

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Comment by Found Zero
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OH YES! Great line-up to represent Arizona!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Dang Ed,

 You didn't like our anti-war/ anti-government/ free market candidates for President and Vice President?