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Meet the Arizona Delegation to the Continental Congress 2009

Written by Subject: Continental Congress 2009
 After finding out Delegate Howard Blitz would be in Phoenix this weekend, I called Barry Hess and set up an open lunch at Monte's La Casa Vieja in Tempe (great steaks!). 
We are extending the invitation to you to come join along.
Even though we have alot to discuss regarding the upcoming Congress we feel it is equally if not more important to hear from you; to hear the grievances you have and hear your evidence of violations to the Constitution, and whatever suggestions you may want us to take to the Congress as to how to correct these violations, and remedy the consequences from them.
I'm going early to let Monte's know what they're in for in case a bunch of people decide to show up heh heh.  You might want to do the same to assure a seat in hearing distance...
Here's the Event Listing with the details in case you're interested:
Hope to see you there!
Ed Vallejo
Arizona Delegate
Continental Congress 2009
Freedom's Phoenix
suggestion: if your information is as large in volume as what I would be bringing Barry and Howard had I not been elected you might want to print it out and we'll take it with us and have it handy when we get there - Ed

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