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Arizona Delegation to CC2009 on 'Same Page'

Written by Subject: Continental Congress 2009
I feel really good about every aspect of the upcoming Continental Congress 2009 to be held in St. Charles, Illinois November 11th through the 22nd.
Barry, Howard, Ralph and I were in sync from minute one when we met at Monti's La Casa Vieja Saturday, accompanied by long-time Activists and fellow Ron Paul R3VOLUTIONARIES Buck Shull, Jeanne Manwiller, and Drew Phillips.  The violations to the Constitution were pretty much a given and we agreed that very little time should be used in the delineation portion of the Congress, and we should get right into the remedies as soon as humanly possible. 
After a little wrangling, we determined that since we 'speak with one voice', Howard Blitz would be our 'Spokesman' if we couldn't all three give our thoughts on any given matter. 
It was a fine afternoon and we had a thoroughly good time, followed by a photo op out front, and a blanketing of cars in the parking lot with the "Do You Know What's in Your Vaccine?" flyers I brought from the Freedom's Phoenix Workshop (an Activists' work is never done - well, hopefully someday...)
Stay Tuned...

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