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4409 -- Cops in UNIFORM now working for Corporations

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This is a trend happening all over the valley but why? I will explain
Construction companies use to have to hire security guards or a just person to wave traffic I should know our family owned one.
If you're doing work for the CITY OF XXXXX you are now forced to hire police officers.
This is called a circle jerk where they only hire their own.
If you bid on a contract it is specified that you MUST hire from a group of police officers that are controlled by a corporation...if you do do not get to bid.
So guess what the price of the bid does? It goes up and guess who pays the higher bid....the tax payer.
One way or another you are paying this person $60 an hour to stand around.
So a corporation which acts as a day laborer for cops lobbied the City Council to make it illegal for anyone other than a police officer to direct traffic and which forces the construction companies to have to hire cops.
The cops are hired through a corporation which is owned and operated by a relative or friend on the city convenient.
This on the surface is not too big deal but its the start of something that is going to get much worse.
The officer stated that if he is wearing his uniform he is on duty?
He is on duty alright but for who? The corporation?

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