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Why Activism Inspires and Spreads like Wild Fire! From Freedom's Phoenix...and beyond

Written by Andrew Strmic Subject: Activism
 Activism to me is the expression of your inner heart, and mind expressed with passion and creativity that either capture sentiment of the masses, or compels them to engage in critical thinking in response to the image, phrase, or message one incapsulates.
The signs made by our creative Activist at Freedom's Phoenix Workshop always send a powerful message that is being seen and duplicated across the country.  The truth is that ideas are owned by no one but borrowed by everyone and credited to those that best apply them. Are people taking notice of what is coming out of Phoenix? 
Today put up a picture featured on Freedom's Phoenix of some Anti-Mandatory Vaccine signs. Created by activist such as Jeanne and Kat who's impact is at this moment being seen by hundreds or thousands of people.  And maybe thousands or new activist will make their own signs and flyers or DVD's!   This is how we gain back our LIBERTY!
I think what Freedom's Phoenix Workshop provides is the right formula that in my view creates a nexus point or umbrella for all lovers of liberty that can empower themselves to take back their FREEDOM!   

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Wow! What should I write?  Thanks, Andrew for calling this Infowars article to our attention,

TONS of thanks to Ernie and Donna for always hitting us right between the eyes with the obvious and then issue the challenge of "so, what are we gonna do about it?" 

Freedom is the answer...what is the question? 

Working on these projects MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE. 

Best regards,



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