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40,000 Valley kids expected to get H1N1 shot by week’s end

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40,000 Valley kids expected to get H1N1 shot by week’s end Reported by: Jodie Heisner Email: Reported by: Tim Vetscher Last Update: 11/01 9:02 pm
Nearly 60 Valley schools picked to get H1N1 vaccines 60 Valley schools will be picked to get H1N1 vaccines
PHOENIX -- Swine flu vaccination clinics will begin in Maricopa County elementary schools November 2nd, according to Mollen Immunization CEO John Roehm. It was up to the district to choose the elementary schools where these first clinics will be held. Nearly 60 schools have so far been chosen, with 35 beginning rounds of inoculations Monday morning. Emily Armstrong is a kindergartner at Desert Springs Elementary School in Scottsdale, one of the first school's scheduled to hold a flu clinic for students on Monday. Her father, Brock Armstrong, said though some parents are wary of the vaccine, he is happy his daughter has the chance to get it. "We believe it's safe, we're not worried about the shot causing problems. We're more concerned with other people getting sick and the girls getting sick," he said. Armstrong is also glad the school is taking the initiative, saying "I think we're very fortunate, I appreciate the administration going out of the way to protect the kids and the employees."
Other Valley parents aren't as enthusiastic about the vaccine, like Matt Obele, whose two daughters also attend Desert Springs. "I don't know if it went through enough research to make sure its going to work," Obele said. "Before we start inocculating our kids, we want to make sure its the right thing to do at the right time." Like many other parents Obele has concerns about how quickly the vaccine hit the market and questions it's effectiveness. "I want to see how it works out, I'm not sold on it just yet," he said. The vaccination will cost $15 without insurance and signed permission slips will be required. Health officials said no child will be turned away for the H1N1 vaccine for nonpayment.
Forty thousand Valley kids are expected to get the vaccine by the end of the week. (This list is subject to change as it evolves) Student registrations are conducted online through the website at There are numerous insurances that will cover the cost of the vaccine administration fee for the H1N1.
Find out about them at this link. Both the seasonal influenza and H1N1 vaccines are offered at the schools for the children and the vaccines can be administered simultaneously.
District # School Date Chandler 1 Jacobson Elementary 2-Nov Littleton 2 Littleton Elementary 2-Nov Paradise Valley 3 Desert Springs Elementary 2-Nov Paradise Valley 4 Sonoran Sky Elementary 2-Nov Queen Creek 5 Queen Creek Elementary 2-Nov Chandler 6 Ryan Elementary 3-Nov Littleton 7 Tres Rios 3-Nov Paradise Valley 8 Copper Canyon Elementary 3-Nov Paradise Valley 9 Pinnacle Peak Elementary 3-Nov Queen Creek 10 Francis Brandon Pickett Elementary 3-Nov Tolleson 11 Arizona Desert Elementary 3-Nov Avondale 12 Lattie Coor Elementary 4-Nov Buckeye 13 Sundance Elementary 4-Nov Cave Creek 14 Black Mountain Elementary 4-Nov Chandler 15 CTA Goodman 4-Nov Creighton 16 Loma Linda Elementary 4-Nov Littleton 17 Country Place 4-Nov Osborn 18 Clarendon Elementary 4-Nov Osborn 19 Osborn Middle School 4-Nov Osborn 20 Solano Elementary 4-Nov Paradise Valley 21 Mercury Mine Elementary 4-Nov Phoenix 22 Lowell Elementary 4-Nov Queen Creek 23 Desert Mountain 4-Nov Saddle Mountain 24 Tartess 4-Nov Tolleson 25 Desert Oasis Elementary 4-Nov Avondale 26 Desert Star Elementary 5-Nov Buckeye 27 Buckeye Elementary 5-Nov Cave Creek 28 Lone Mountain Elementary 5-Nov Chandler 29 Galveston 5-Nov Creighton 30 Excelencia School 5-Nov Osborn 31 Encanto Elementary 5-Nov Osborn 32 Longview Elementary 5-Nov Osborn 33 Montecito Elementary 5-Nov Paradise Valley 34 Boulder Creek Elementary 5-Nov Pendergast 35 Amberila Elementary 5-Nov Phoenix 36 Heard Elementary 5-Nov Queen Creek 37 Jack Barnes Elementary 5-Nov Saddle Mountain 38 Winters 5-Nov Tolleson 39 P.H. Gonzales Elementary 5-Nov Avondale 40 Copper Trails Elementary 6-Nov Buckeye 41 Bales Elementary 6-Nov Cave Creek 42 Desert Sun Elementary 6-Nov Creighton 43 Larry C . Kennedy 6-Nov Deer Valley 44 Constitution 6-Nov Deer Valley 45 Desert Winds 6-Nov Deer Valley 46 Sunrise School 6-Nov Deer Valley 47 Village Meadows 6-Nov Paloma 48 Paloma Elementary 6-Nov Paradise Valley 49 North Ranch Elementary 6-Nov Paradise Valley 50 Sandpiper Elementary 6-Nov Pendergast 51 Desert Mirage Elementary 6-Nov Pendergast 52 Rio Vista Elementary 6-Nov Phoenix 53 Garfield 6-Nov Queen Creek 54 Queen Creek Middle School 6-Nov Saddle Mountain 55 Ruth Fisher 6-Nov Tolleson 56 Sheely Farms Elemetnary 6-Nov Avondale 57 Centerra Mirage Elementary 9-Nov Cave Creek 58 Horse Shoe Trail Elementary 9-Nov

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