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Freedom Ranch (UPDATE)

Written by Subject: Off Grid Living - Survival Prepping
From: Linda Hunnicutt
Subject: We're Feasting in Freedom
Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 11:53 AM

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We're Feasting at Freedom Ranch !
With all the rain, mud and lack of ability to get out and do much for the past two weeks this week has been a joy. The land is draining quickly and getting back to normal, people are able to walk around and explore, the guys are busy building the community building and everything is going great.
To celebrate we are having a big feast on the 13th in our new home. This will be one of the very first meeting of many of the residents who will be sharing their lives for years to come. It is such a joy to watch the kids that are here running, playing and inventing games on this vast piece of land with no one screaming to watch out for the cars, don't talk to strangers, be careful, etc.. Just a lot of laughter and squeels of joy in being free to be a child. That is the way I feel also here.. Like the bonds of civilization have been torn off. No TV, but we do have the internet for communication and of course those deadly little cell phones but for the most part everyone seems to forget they exist here.
During the past few weeks we were inundated with a monsoon which made this place ( also the whole area) a mud hole. It was reported on Saturday alone 2 inches of rain was falling every hour, that is amazing. Below you can see the results of this rainfall. Luckily we are on a hill and the water is draining away quickly with the past few days of sun and no rain.

Dan the Road man is busy building our drive way into the property. What a beautiful sight to see that equipment working making sure we have the ability to drive up to the community building even making some parking places for folks visiting. The RV sites will be set out before the end of the week so anyone with a RV or travel trailer can come in and park while picking out their choice of land for their lots.

Paul, Bill, John and Chris are busy leveling up the foundation getting it ready to lay the floor down. It is wonderful to see people working together in harmony..

Bill Wickland is not a resident but drives for over an hour each day to come and give us a hand. He will be our resident Horse Expert shortly.

John and his family have a travel trailer in a park in town until their site is ready and John comes out daily to give a hand on the building. His children are the best trench diggers I have ever seen.

Chris and Heather ( pregnant) are here on their vacation working to get their place ready for them to build on but leaving that go to work on the community building. Sadly they had to go back to their job today for a few weeks. I will miss Heather's company and laughter. Chris is a whirl wind of energy going from one job to another, digging, leveling blocks, doing what ever needs to be done always with a grin.

Paul is living here full time and is kind of in charge of the building without giving a lot of orders just kind of leading the way.
Bud had to go back to his old home to pick up some more belongings but will be back on Thursday to take his place on the work detail. Bud is a professional Photographer so we should get some good photos of the place shortly.
Bill keeps us in fresh home baked bread and organic eggs which are so appreciated. It gives us a taste of the wonderful tasting food we will be consuming as soon as we get our chicken coops built and the kitchen up and running so we can be baking our own bread and goodies.
We have had one casualty in Freedom, one person that just could not fit in and seemed determined to live a life of dissent and dishonesty. Going from one to another telling stories on each person causing hurt feelings and confusion which soon got straightened out when the people started asking why the others were saying such things and found out the only one saying anything was this fellow. After a lot of discussion he was spoken to by Dr. Pruitt and told in no uncertain terms that would not be accepted in this community. Everything seemed to be OK then it all started again only this time on the phone with people who were not even here so we had another talk and he was given the choice of leaving on his own or having to face everyone here and get a face to face vote of whether or not he would be allowed to stay... I guess he knew what the outcome would be as he decided to leave peacefully. We lost money on this as we had loaned him money to buy a travel trailer but it was worth the loss to keep peace and harmony among the residents.
The worst thing that people can do is to start gossip and outright lie on their neighbors in an effort to keep others from forming deep friendships. It never really works but most times it does cause rifts among people who are not used to facing down a liar and getting to the bottom of the whole affair. I have no qualms about doing this and it has served me well in my years as people know what I will and will not say or do and that allows them to make decisions about stories being told. This is going to be a hard habit to break, Gossip, it only does dammage. It never helps any situation. Here people will learn to go directly to the person that they are at odds with and settle it that way, not by talking behind their backs to others who are not even involved.
The folks here are adults and have the determination to keep this community whole and healthy and will uphold this community requirement. You never have to tear someone else down to build up your own ego. It isn't necessary. Doesn't work and only makes you the loser in the end.. It was like a breath of fresh air when each member here chose to speak openly in front of the offender and that ended the whole thing. Some folks will not be able to stop their old habits and will also find it is not acceptable here. Some will blame it on racism, not able to accept that some people just don't like them not having anything to do with race, religion or education.. just simply some people will not like each other and that is just a fact to learn to live with.
With the oncoming problems this country is going to be going though there is just no time for this type of mentality. While it is acceptable in neighborhoods and groups it only takes away from the progress of any project and that is not something we can tolerate now. This community is shaping up to be a group that will be good for each other and good for the community at large also. We will be bringing in business to the local people and helping to build a strong community that can withstand what ever comes along that we will have to deal with.
Our goals will be met, we will become a model for others in their own communities and with more and more people becoming aware of what has to be done to just survive they will begin to work together as they have done for centuries before the new age of electronic control began.
Our gates are open now, we are looking for a few more good people to fill out our community, ones that can see the writing on the walls and willing to work to do something about becoming self sufficient for their family's security and safety.
You can contact us at: or call: 409-673-4891, or skype me at Grannywarrior1

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