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Garbage, Trash & Fecal Matter

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What in the world is wrong with the Americans, real honest to God Americans who used to be sure to take out the garbage every day and keep the trash out of their yards and certainly placed the fecal matter they produced in the proper containers to keep from polluting their own land. Where have all these good healthy wholesome and proud Americans gone?

When America started moving to the cities for better jobs, better housing, better schools our country started on a down hill slide. People no longer had the pride in their own homes, it was easier to let the landlord worry about all those problems. Just pay the rent and you can complain, you can evade all those piddling little chores that have to be done every day.

The lazier people became the more trash, garbage and fecal matter started to pile up and no one paid attention as they were so happy living in comfort, nice warm apts. no plumbing to repair, no yard to rake, no trash to dispose of just sit and watch their TV or play their stupid video games sitting in a trance learning nothing, producing nothing and losing their ability to even concentrate on everyday occurrences... After all who cared, Uncle Sam would see that the problems were taken care of..

If people weren't satisfied with their comfort zones all they had to do was VOTE for a new Landlord !

All of a sudden the towns were corrupt, streets dangerous, nasty and the schools became a festering terrorist camp with aliens and lazy Americans joining gangs to rule the streets and destroy what they couldn't own. People decided to move back to the suburbs thinking that was the answer to their problems. Now they had the same problems they ran away from before, garbage,trash and fecal matter..... what to do? The gangs simply kept expanding their territory and people are forced to live like prisoners in their own homes and all the while they still don't see the problems... Just write your congress critter, phone your senator, vote for a fresh face... Everything will be ok.. We have a voice that will be heard. Yeah right. How about the change we have all made this past election.

Nothing will change until the Americans have the balls to stand up and say HEY.. I didn't own slaves, I didn't ask a Mexican to come to my home and free load, I didn't ask for a war in a foreign country to protect their drugs and oil, I will not live like a peon in my own country. I don't care who it is or what they claim to be their problem this is my country leave it alone. Stay home and take care of your own problems, don't make them ours, we have enough as it is with the garbage that is in office yesterday today and probably tomorrow as long as people are so stupid as to not see what is going on daily in DC as well as the State capitols.

We are all drowning in Trash, Garbage and Fecal matter all coming from our Capital, Washington DC as well as our state Capitals. Every state has so many rules and regulations none of us can keep up with them, every move you make is probably against some law or rule set forth by the biggest polluters in the Galaxy, Politicians, they ooze fecal matter from their pores even when sleeping.

The only way to get rid of these morons from a different galaxy ( they could not possibly be from earth and do the things they are doing) is to use force.. Any type of force. They will not go sweetly into the night, they will fight back to keep their wealth ( stolen from our people) their property ( stolen from our people) and their power, ( given to them by our people).

I truly believe these chicken livered bastards will only slow down if they are hurt, I mean hurt. Threats of voting them out fall on deaf ears with them laughing at our silly mentality. They know they control the votes. They are safe in their own little kingdoms with enough Blackwater types to protect them that they will never even think that any one of us poor idiots would ever hatch a scheme which can touch them.. After all they just have to tell another lie and like good little people we give them another chance. More money. More power over our lives.

Where are those men that stood up and fought the enemy like they did at the Alamo? Where are the men who would fight to the death anyone that threatened their family? Where are those women who could shoot, and were not afraid to do so in protection of their children in the old west? We don't even have people who would throw a rotten tomato at a politician today, Much less anything more lethal.

When will we see politicians ducking for cover every time they show their faces in public? NEVER at the rate we are going today.. All I see are " sign this petition" " write your congressman" "call your senator" like it does any good what so ever. You can stand and wave a sign, flag or chant and it only gives them something to laugh at knowing we are well occupied while they write new bills and pass them under the cover of darkness. We are stupid, lazy and chicken to the bone.

When has anyone gone to a politicians home and protested in their own front yards? When have you seen a politicians trees filled with toilet paper? When have you seen a politician even flinch when they hear a bang? never. They know they are safe little turds in a pond of fecal matter. We are afraid to do anything that may cause us a problem with the GodFathers of Corruption.

We have allowed the police to become a force that is totally in control of our lives with all the new weapons to be used on our own population. No chance of ever getting our towns and cities back under our own control.. that is until the real men come out of the bushes and start hitting back.

I would love to have a arsenal of testosterone in the form of beer and soda pop and hand it out at every rally and flag wave that goes on. Can you imagine if the people really had the guts to fight back instead of making videos of how badly they have been treated? I would love to see a video of the people taking away the billy clubs, tasers and other handy weapons the police have and use them against the police themselves.. Can you picture that skin headed no necked idiot in black bullet proof armor writhing on the ground with a taser stuck in his butt by a old grandma who is pulling the trigger every time he comes to?

Where are the inventive people who would figure out how to get things done? Maybe lace the water in DC with Truth Serum? Wouldn't that be a riot, a politician that tells the truth?

Surely there are some people in this country with the balls and intellect to manage to pull off some of these acts which would show the little scardy cats they don't need to be so scared of their own shadows and maybe start a trend of action among the American populace. We need open defiance and real action to stop this government from completely placing us in total slavery and we need it NOW.

Where are the motor cycle gangs of the past who were so rough and rowdy ready to fight at the drop of a stick? Where are all the skinheads who bragged daily of their devotion to the country? Where are our militias? where are our old veterans that fought for this country?

Have we all been medicated and brainwashed into total submission? That is wrong, it should be permission as we have certainly given every evil, perverted and narcisistic politician permission to do what ever they like because we have never met them face to face with a real remedy for the problem... How about Tar and Feathers, Hanging trees, Public Floggings? Can you picture Barney Frank being run out of town on a rail full of tar and feathers? I bet his lisp would be cured and his little fat perverted butt would not be so attractive to his little friends then.

You know the old saying about politicians and cockroaches: The only good one is a dead one !

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Comment by Morgan Cambern
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Where are the women who supported their men in being what you wanted? Instead the US woman has become, in general, a consumer of the first stripe that wants and consumes almost without thought to the cost. Where are the women who were able to plan and prepare for months meals, bake bread, keep a house, and encouraged their men to be courageous? I see Ernie and his wife Donna as a model of this and they decide together. And in fact, have sacrificed together to have a man who is out making the case for freedom. I find a definite lack of the caliber of woman as Donna in US women.

You want men to be out there doing and being MEN, then quit emasculating them in law, public opinion, and media. I suspect, however, that you as well as many women desire the state of near servitude that you have men bound to. The more men support you the less you have to work and be productive. In my experience most US women have become accustomed to being supported in a manner that does not require much from them. It will change one way or the other.

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