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Maricopa County Overlords Approve Continued Fleecing of Slaves

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Thursday 11/05/09 9:00 AM, 205 W. Jefferson Phoenix, Arizona Maricopa County Commissioners meeting.
On the agenda at this month’s Maricopa formal meeting of the Board of Supervisors, among other things, was how the plundering class is going to pilfer more money from the slaves now that the housing bubble orchestrated by the Federal Reserve has collapsed.  Their goal: to raise fees for photo ticketing enforcement. The problem:  the state has created a mandate for the county to enforce. Unfortunately, the county does not receive any of the proceeds from the fines that are assessed when alleged violators are found responsible-all the money the county steals is passed through from the slave to the state.  The county courts are ill-equipped to handle the ever-growing caseload.
The State of Arizona and the camera manufacturer, Redflex, stand to gain from the existing situation.  Commissioner Don Staply, recused himself stating that he had not had time to consult with his attorney. Could it be that he, too, stands to gain financially as a result of this measure passing?  Left on the panel were Max Wilson, Fulton Brock, and Mary Rose Wilcox.
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Judge John Ore presented to the board the seriousness of the situation for the county created by the State.  He said the workload is “monumental,” and they have been forced to hire temporaries to process as many as 14,000 tickets per month just from one section of highway near Bethany Home and Hwy. 51.  At $181 per each verdict, that is two MILLION five Hundred thirty four thousand dollars per month.  And that’s just from one location!  The combined take from over 400,000 photo enforcement tickets since September is over 72 MILLION!  Make no mistake, Maricopa County slaves are a cushy income stream for the State.
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Still, even this exorbitant amount is not enough to satisfy the plundering class; they want MORE counterfeit bills, i.e., federal  reserve notes!  Judge Ore reported that the court expends all of its regular resources handling photo enforcement tickets, which is predicted to outstrip ALL OTHER TICKETS COMBINED before the end of the year!  The Judge maintained that “justice” was not being served by this situation since the court was unable to devote adequate resources to processing other slave services such as processing forcible detainers, restraining orders, liens, etc.  The county is unable to recover the costs imposed by the state; Talk about unfunded federal mandates: now we have unfunded state mandates!
When a court administrator said, “If we do not pass the fees the courts will grind to a halt,” there was a short round of applause from slaves in opposition to the photo radar enforcement program and the fees increase.  Then the panel took comments from the slaves in attendance.  Many slaves mentioned that the photo enforcement is unconstitutional or that the photo enforcement is oppressive.  One uppity slave, Thomas Costanzo, expressed his outrage telling the panel that this increase is not only theft, but also “mindbendingly evil,” and we should increase the fee to $500 or even a $1000 so that it’s obvious to the braindead plundered class that they are being fleeced.
At the completion of comments, the overlords demonstrated blatant disregard for the slaves and their plight by offering up patently disingenuous discussion to placate the masses and perpetuate the illusion that the government has an interest in improving slave conditions.  It was evident that Fulton Brock had already made up his mind to vote for the measure saying that he wanted to protect public confidence in the courts. To her credit, Mary Rose Wilcox asked  if the county could withhold $20.00 from the fine collected to compensate the county for the additional caseload.  She was informed that under state law this would be impossible.  She lamented that she hoped the county lobbyist could correct this problem.  After more mindless discussion, the panel passed the measure.
The commissioners should have done the right thing and not approved the measure.  This would have forced the state  to make revisions to the law.  In addition, it would bring needed media attention to the insidious nature of the photo radar scam, which would probably result in elimination of the statewide fleecing of the slaves.  However, like all good mafia, the commissioners voted to protect their godfathers and continue to steal from the slaves to pay for their unfunded mandate.  Under the new measure, effective December 1st,2009 compliant slaves will owe $181.  However, uppity slaves who contest the ticket and challenge the scam, when they lose, as 98% do,  will in effect, be forced at gunpoint to pay $242.60:  $181for the ticket, $40 for process service, and $21.60 for the county service fee.

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