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Jim Kaiser's court hearing and sign wave today!!!!

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Jim Kaiser did not want his nine year old son Ben to be drugged with behavior control drugs.  
His mother did.
Jim fled with Ben.  And for over three  months Ben Kaiser somehow survived without having his mind controlled by drugs.  Drugs which are known to diminish growth as a side effect, during a child's most crucial growing period.

Ben is back with his mother now
.  He missed his mom.
He misses his father too. 
Jim is facing jail time for kidnapping his son.  He is facing losing all custody claims in this hearing Friday... which he almost certainly will.
Come down and lend Jim your support.  Come down and witness the hearing.
Sign wave to support Jim & Ben is at 2 P.M. outside the Maricopa County Downtown (central) Courthouse Friday, November 13, 2009.  Friday the 13th. 
201 West Jefferson -- Phoenix, AZ
11th floor Courtroom 1202 
Family Court Case: DR2000-091009
Commissioner Casey Newcomb
The hearing is one hour later at 3 P.M.  Jim could definitely use your support Friday.  It is likely to be the worst day of his life.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I wish I could be there to support you in your most worthy cause, but you also know where I am.  I hope you are watching us out there!


Comment by Freed Radical
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Hey Jim & Ben-- Best wishes on your day in court. I know it will probably be ugly, but keep your head held high knowing you did the right thing. I would be there if I weren't working. Please keep us posted on your future court appearances, and I'll be at every one I can. Kind Regards, Eric New

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