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4409 -- Pirates think they can just park anywhere...Question of the day?

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This video is NOT anti-cop its PRO peace officer.
Pirates think they can just park anywhere...parking in spot designated for hybrids.
I will be the first to admit a hybrid parking spot it down right stupid but Fresh and Easy made the rules and its their business. 

I'm trying to show that this cop is the same cop that will not hesitate to pull you over for breaking a similar stupid rule like a license plate light out or your tint is to dark on your windows and give you a bill for $200.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Here's the great part. The cop points out that the sign doesn't represent any municiple code (or words to that effect).

Correct. The sign notifies you of the owner/operators restrictions of use on THEIR PLACE OF BUSINESS.

So the cop feels free to offend the property rights of the business owner and the sensibilities of the community.

And that's OK because no municipal statute was broken? Well gee officer McFuckwad, how about trespass?

Comment by Richard Stone
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 They are just criminals with badges and guns. The new mafia.

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