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Urgent Alert: We need to support our delegates at the Continental Congress 2009.

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Urgent Alert:  We need to support our delegates at the Continental Congress 2009.

Ed Vallejo has been working his ass off in Illinois and has gotten little to no support from us, his ‘constituents’ in Arizona.  I ask you please to give him some much needed and much deserved moral support. 

What can you do? 

·        Comment on his videos on the Psychictaxi YouTube channel, the Ron Paul Meetup or on Freedom’s Phoenix.

·        Send him an email at   

·        Use Yahoo Messenger to contact Ed ( with your well wishes and encouragement.
     Watch the goings on at the Continental Congress 2009 website

·        Donate something to Ed (he got pretty much ZERO financial support for his trip to Illinois). I’ve urged him to create a Chipin which I will post up on this listing when it is created.

Come on folks, we’re way better than this.  We are blessed to have a nuclear-grade activism group, and if we don’t help Ed, who will? 

Now is the time to stand up for those who are standing up for us. 

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Comment by Michele Power
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 Thank you Ed for all you are doing!

Comment by Anonymous
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 Just because someone has an idea doesn't make it a good one.  A good idea is in DEMAND which means people want it and are willing to pay for it. 

I know Ed's heart is in the right place and he believes he's doing the right thing.  But as this article above aptly points out, they're down essentially to begging for money and support.  Why?  Because few to no people care about what they are doing.  I.e. their idea is in LOW demand.

This is the seed of hypocracy in libertarianism.  Libertarians claim to be objective while at the same time maintaining that any idea is a good idea especially when a libertarian had it.  Those two concepts are  directly contradictory and anyone who attempts to maintain both at the same time suffers either from the same doublethink as your run of the mill Republican or Democrat, or the person is a hypocrite.

So, good luck to you Ed and your fellow constitutional conventioneers.  Fare you well - in all sincerety.

Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Ed you may not ave noticed we are having a Premier Theatrical srceening of the movie For liberty at the Valley Art.  We will be rolling out the red carpet for all the stars.  Guess what... your a STAR!  Thank you for being such a devoted patriot!  You Kick ASS!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I appreciate what you are doing there, Jetster!

I'd like to clarify something, though.  I collected approximately $500 from TWO members before I left - problem is, we are still about $1000 short of covering the Delegate's airfare.  I sure don't want to come home and have to fundraise - I'd like to be able to not only promote the results of this Congress, but I have made even more solid contacts from some great people, and If things go anywhere near what I hope, this is going to get legs!  The only thing lacking right now is the spread of the link to get more people talking about it (and it's outrageous enough to satisfy ANYone that "knows there's something wrong, but just can't put their finger on it".

I hope SHELTON sees today's broadcast - on the 'Privacy Clause' of the Constitution. I gave him the BIGGEST shout-out, and I hope he's pleased.  The I spoke again in the afternoon session, and I hope it made Ernie smile when I stated in no uncertain terms that we shouldn't be dealing whatsoever with the bastards in Washington, and that I personally think we shouldn't even be concerned with the State - our aim is to FREE THE MINDS OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!  PERIOD!  I tell ya, some people didn't take too kindly to it, but I guess that's just TOO DAMN BAD now, isn't it!

Can't wait to get home - it's cold & wet here and I need to bask in the Arizona sunshine, and dry out.

I miss my wife. 


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