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Continental Congress 2009 - the Aftermath by Ed Vallejo

Written by Subject: Continental Congress 2009
***********-----I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE:-----*********

---------------THE ARTICLES OF FREEDOM!--------------

(No, I did not name it that - that was the will of the Congress! LOL)

59 pages that is the culmination of 14 YEARS documentation of violations of the Supreme Law of the Land - the U.S.Constitution. It contains Civic Actions for the People to take, Instructions to the several States, Instructions to Congress, and instructions to the President on 14 different topics ranging from accountability, money, war powers, taxation, and several other hot-button issues that MATTER to the People.

Wait until you get this in your hands!
I Arrived back in Phoenix last night about 11:30 p.m. from 11 days in St.
, Illinois. The Congress has finished their work, and I have one of only six copies of the finished product. I am the Vice-Chairman of the
Technology/Website Committee and worked all day Saturday with the Style/Form Committee to get it in an acceptable form (font, spacing, proofreading, etc.).  Our team is working feverishly trying to get it up on the web for the WORLD to see! I was a speaker at the END THE FED Rally in
Chicago yesterday, and I needed a copy to be able to show the People and to read the Preamble, so Chairman Darren Stevens had an additional 'first rough draft' created for me.
Here is the speech I gave at Millenium Park in Chicago at the END THE FED Rally where I read the PREAMBLE, before we marched to the Chicago Federal Reserve:

Part 2:

I gotta go - lots of work still yet to do, but take heart America - the Patriots are on alert and the REDCOATS are HERE!

AZ Delegate/State Coordinator
Vice-Chair - Technology/Website Committee
Continental Congress 2009

The Archives are being populated now - watch HISTORY BEING MADE!

"Rights are like muscles; you mist exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die." - Ed


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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On Day 10 there was concern about a phrase or two that did advocate some actions that could be construed as 'violent' or 'conspiratorial', but the process was not complete at that time. 

The finished work product - entitled "The Articles of Freedom" - has some strong wording, but anything advocating violence was rightly removes so as to not have our intentions misconstrued, and disseminated as inflammatory and a threat or danger to the public.  Nothing could be further from the truth - this is a factual (or fact-finding, depending on the subject) in nature, and we just want the Supreme Law of the Land - the U.S.Constitution - followed by our servant government. 


Comment by Brenda Mann
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 Ed....Thank you.....absolutly fantastic!!!! Great job Ed.



Comment by Jim Kaiser
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Great stuff, Ed!

We really appreciate your dedication and commitment to this. 

I can't wait to see the finished product.


Comment by Found Zero
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What's this we hear about a pledge to violent or disruptive behavior disovered in some of the literature?

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