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Leftist disappointment with Obama not total, not by a long shot.

Written by Subject: WAR: About that War
Shortly after I recovered from nausea after Obama's speech tonight, I was curious to see how our ideological counterparts on the left side were taking the news.
Over at Daily Kos they had a poll up where their readers could indicate their approval or disapproval of Obama's decision to send in 30,000 more troops. The result surprised me somewhat. As of this writing the results are as follows:
Knowing what you know now about U.S. plans for Afghanistan:
42% (5068 votes) said "I support the President's decision to send 30,000 more troops"
39% (4713 votes) said "I oppose the Presiden't decision to send 30,000 more troops"
17% (2043 votes) said "I have not yet made up my mind" (only 17%?)
1% (67 votes) said "No opinion" (at least they were honest)
Anyways, this is Daily Kos here. Pretty severely liberal crowd. Not exactly moderate centrists. The hard left has been wondering where their antiwar movement is? At home on the couch, snug as bugs in rugs. Almost half of them now approve of war in the mideast. 60% in total either like it, don't care or aren't likely to make up their minds and do anything about it anyways.
Gee. Now why is that? Perhaps as a Koster with the handle Klick2con10ue said in the comments on this piece:
"The people on this site are of an ever increasing number who choose their political allegiances like they do their football teams, because they like the mascot or just want to be on the side of the winning team. Their decision process, presented as rationale, has not the weight of moral compass or benefit of an accurate discernment of historical context by which to guide them. When the winds of political change shift they drift into whatever port that gives them safe haven from their own unfounded fears."
Wow. I'll have to admit the same could be said for pretty much all of the conservative boards...honesty from the other team is always appreciated.
But there you go. It's their war now and they like it. It's not a Coke war, it's the newly redesigned Pepsi war and it tastes just fine.
Now in fairness, if you click into the comments for the article on Kos you'll see the 39% lamenting the poll results at great length and you'll see many say that if it was a republican war the numbers against would probably be in the high 90s. Just the same as neocon pundits and others are now criticizing "Obama's war" without skipping a beat.

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Actually only 20% support Republican idealogy.  It's just that they are more vocal and own more media.  Us Dems, though, are more intellectual and it's hard for us to get motivated...but we're getting there.  I am furious with Congress, disappointed in Obama, and want the banksters in jail.  I want lobbyists shot for treason (wishful thinking).  We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and do something about our wasteful defense budget.  Most politicians prattle about tax cuts or doing away with social programs, but they won't ever tackle the problem of Pentagon waste--because too many of them and their friends are making money off war.

Comment by Nathan Barton
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Sounds about right, Powell.  This is not a NEW trend by any means, but various factors (as you list) are increasing that percentage of "fat, dumb, and happy."  The demagogues and Caesars did it to Rome, creating the Roman mob (the "Street Senate") and turning them into ciphers: bread and circuses - including liquid bread, of course.  And we have so many more kinds of both bread and circuses to choose from today, that the 20% "survivor" fraction might be over estimated.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It is something I realized a long time ago, 80% of the nation -- four out of five Americans --  drink the Koolaid.  Swallow the blue pill. 

40% will always support the "Democrat" position, and 40% will always support the "Republican" position.  It matters not what the position is, just the label.  Just what they are told to support or oppose.  It matters not that the position they now oppose because it is the Democrat position is the same one they supported six months before when it was the Republican's idea.  Or vice versa.  It is the inability to rationally think.  It is the mindless behavior of a drone.  It is the human condition groomed by public education, corporate press and instilled religious institutions.

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