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Freedom Summit 2009 YouTube

Written by Subject: Events: Arizona
Freedom Summit - Events and activism leading up to the Freedom Summit with Ron Paul - Thomas Woods - Charles Goyette - Ernest Hancock - Judge john Buttrick - Marc Victor - Joel - Skousen - Bud Burrell - Stewart Rhodes - Boston T. Party - Butler Shaffer - John Taylor Gatto - William Buppert - Bud Burrell - David Nolan - Adam Kokesh 

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Comment by Michele Power
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Great video!

We love you long time, Ernie!  :) 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Excellent video, Ernie.  What? you are not reading from a tele-prompter or delivering a rehearsed speech? 

Thank you for the updated information on the Freedom Summit 2009.

Best regards, Jeanne

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