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4409 -- Freedom Summit 2009 details...don't miss this!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

Freedom Summit 2009 in Phoenix Arizona.

Dec 4th-5th-6th...We're going to have a great show for you this year so please go to for all the latest details!

Ron Paul is going to do an actual sign wave with us on saturday!!!!

Hopefully we won't be arrested or have a pirate threaten to make sh%t

Events and activism leading up to the Freedom Summit with Ron Paul - Thomas Woods - Charles Goyette - Ernest Hancock - Judge john Buttrick - Marc Victor - Joel - Skousen - Bud Burrell - Stewart Rhodes - Boston T. Party - Butler Shaffer - John Taylor Gatto - William Buppert - Bud Burrell - David Nolan - Adam Kokesh


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