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TSA Operating Manual (Secret, PDF)

Written by Subject: Transportation: Air Travel
Contains screening procedures, ID info, and a whole lot more.
[Since people are apparently having trouble opening the above PDF with Adobe Reader...I would suggest a different PDF reader, such as Foxit.]

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Comment by Alexander Bell
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 To open a blank document on a Macintosh, simple drag the PDF file over the Preview application icon. The document will open in Preview. Then do a "save as" in PDF with a new name. The document now can be opened easily by Adobe Reader.

Comment by josephcecil smith
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it is sad, outrageous, and compromising to read the detail and specifics of this TSA security document. I was shocked to read on EVERY PAGE, "NOT FOR RELEASE - NEED TO KNOW BASIS ONLY" every page had this.. yet they uploaded it. there is no way to re-design the SOP's, our methods have been exposed. sickening, whomever did this totally needs to be fired and prosecuted. compromised the entire methodology of our government, NOT JUST TSA procedures, but all intelligence procedures are reflected in this one. totally sucks. what's the silver lining here? ug! peace to all..


Comment by Vic Daughtrey
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 This is easy to open after you download Foxit pdf reader and have it open up the TSA manual.  Adobe states a page is out of order, hence, the gray pages. Use Foxit.

Comment by Michele Power
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 Yup!  Blank for me, too (for the most part, anyway).  Too bad, to....I was so looking forward to the ridiculousness of it all. LOL

Comment by John Amendall
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If you download the .pdf and open it in some other reader, like Evince pdf viewer, you can see the file.  If you try to open it using Adobe's plug in for your browser, you may see a blank grey page.  When I minimised my browser window, Adobe let me know that a number in the file was out of range.  Gosh, thanks Adobe. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It works for me.  Anyone else seeing a blank pdf doc?  I would hate for anyone to not see as DHS Uberfuerer Napolitano said, an old document, already revised six times that was never put into practice.  So you know it is major sweet.

Comment by J E Andreasen
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Contact me at eichraoren <at> & I'll forward you an "un"-redacted copy.


Comment by
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I downloaded it but it was blank....or is that the point? TSA is completely worthless and without substance..... 

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