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4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint asking for papers

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This video is dedicated to Pirate K.Celaya #5480 and Prosecuter Jay Cairn....LOL
 As soon as we left the fraud Yuma Corporation Court we immediately went back to business as usual. We will NOT be intimidated and we will NOT stop asking them the same questions they ask us.

These Inland Patrol agents that are 50 miles from the actual border....I think they need someone to love.

They also need to read the bill of rights and stop violating the American peoples 4th Amendment right.
These checkpoints are unconstitutional.

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Comment by Alan Waddell
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I bet we don't see this on the NBC News! I also liked the "Americans do not consent to search" . How about an ultralight airplane pulling a banner that says "I do not consent to search" I would like to see them try and pull me over in that thing. Watch my Ultralight video at our website,  also check out our song "WAKE UP" FREE MP3 downloads, use it someplace. NO EXCUSES the band! 

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