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Did Prescott PD beat your Aaron within an inch of his life?

Written by Subject: Law Enforcers or Peace Officers
OK this is not an article, it's a recounting of facts.
My little neighbour Aaron is an idiot, no dispute about that, he was just the kind of guy to knock up a little gal and take no responsibility. The fact that Aaron is a little jerk is not in dispute.
What is in dispute is who kicked his ass but bad because the little guy showed up at my doorstep covered in blood. Somebody showed up and kicked him pretty hard. Not that hard, they left him alive.
So he shows up looking like a red curtain and I say "call the cops" so he did.
And the cops showed up and arrested me.
Yup, Oyate, never hurts a fly, I am in S&W bracelets in the back of a squad car and this dumb ass little ROOK is telling me that I am guilty of assault.
As if.
Well I give them the regular routine and the cop says "I don't give a shit about your constitution" and I'm like "fine, take me to jail, you just go ahead and take me to jail" because right about then I woudn't mind having a meal and a cot and we will just see about this whole thing, I dare you, I double dare you".
Wells this guy, this so-called cop, this rinky-dink of a little man is trying to get me to admit I beat up Aaron while I was right in the middle of suturing Aaron. Right in the middle of a medical prodedure these little twitts hand cuff me and stuff me in the back of a squad car.
Aaron is right in the middle of getting sutured. But I didn't resist. I let them cuff me and stuff me and I told them "do you know who I am?"
Fair warning.
The cop told me he knew I was one of these "conxstitution creeps".
OK buddy, do your thing. The fuck if I care.
Spo he kept me in the back of the squad car for a bit and let me go and while I was leaving he said "We'll get you" and I said "hey, know what? I think you are a pussy".
But when he left I put it together. Why would somebody come to beat up my neighbor Aaron?
Because he is a jerk, that is why.
Why would somebody come to house him and the cops not only cover up but try to stick the blame on somebody like me?
Bacause they were in on the job, that is why.
Nice try cops. I just happen to be hooked up with oh, let's just say 10,000 activists or so, that's all, you pussy faggots.
Well I waited until the coast was clear, I grabbed my med kit and went to treat my neighbour's injuries but guess what?
You cops got him in your little Hannoi Hilton. And you think he is invisible, one of your little play toys. Well guess what?
He might be an idiot but he's our idiot. And you don't get to walk in here and beat people up and arrest them for it, or maybe you do but we're gonna make you pay.
You think you can just walk in here and beat people up and arrest them with no harm?
Hello. My name is harm. Hiya, how you doing. YOu think you can push my friend John around and get off so light? I got news for you pal.
Hiya. You know where to find me. I'm right here and I anin't going noplace.
Try pin a crime on me? Nice try boys. We're getting Aaron out and you guys are gonna eat crow and I don't care about his priors, we already know, we have reproached Aaron in the harshest possible terms. So don't even try this character assassination thing on me you sorry little fucks.
You tried to pin me with assault charges when I was giving medical attention and that implicates you up and down and we are coming for you.
Because there it this little eency-peency tidbit. When I told you I did not catch the plate of the car that the assaulters left in, that was the truth. But my camera did and guess what? I already sent that file to multiple people so guess again?/
We are running your plates.
What do you suppose that plate belongs to your nephew or son in law?
I'd let this go but you beat my neighbour bloody. And then you tried to pin it on me.
Nice try guys. Do you want to back down or are we gonna put you in a pumkin suit?
And for the record, I will never trust Prescott PD again, ever.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Of couse I was drunk you dumbass, this is not in dispute.

What is suddenly in dispute was who roughed me up. Turns out it wasn't Prescott PD, it was Yavapai CO sherrifs.

To this extent I owe a public appology to Prescott PD. And I am really glad to be able to say so because Prescott is a wonderful town full of wonderful people. I'd really not rather have a fight with Prescott PD. I'd frankly not rather have a fight with anybody but a fight was brought to me.

To those of you who smell fish, you are probably right but I reproach you for not having faith in your brothers.


The next time you thing something smells fishy, why not get involved instead of being the pussy on the side lines that you are now?

Comment by Reckless Abider
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It smells fishy to me.  If he were drunk, I imagine thats why he was arrested.  At the very least, if he were drunk, the recounting of 'facts' must be skewed.

Comment by Howie Lee
Entered on:

 Can someone tell me, is this story based on  'real' events, or the rantings of a mad person? 




Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

It just gets better, the comedic implication are just staggering.

The cop, when he dragged my ass into public says "I can arrest you right now for being drunk in public"

Oh, ok because before now I was being drunk in private. And I was having a heck of a fine time being drunk in private before you guys showed up.

See, before that I was drunk in private. When you guys hauled  me out of my camper, you made me a drunk  in public.

 Frankly, from my perspective, I can be drunk almost anyplace at any time.

And boys, I don't mind being rough-housed a bit, i don't mind being thrown down on the ground and man-handled but you hurt my arm. And now I can only tyoe with one hand.

All of this because I tried to help my neighbour. You guys might have caused permanent neuroligical injury to me.

And because I tried to render aid and uphold the law.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Oh man I just got an email from somebody who said "you are wasting public resources with your vendetta".

 I love this.

OK, I was in the middle of suturing Aaron for free.

I am a really good EMT, I am better than an EMT, I was trained by trauma surgeons, I can actually do surgery. I have all the stuff they gave me, I can irigate and sterlize the locus of injury, I have all the right stuff to apply sub-cutaneious sutures and endermics, i have the topical lidocaine to not make it hurt, I have the real lido I can hit you up with to pretty much chill you out, I got 150 orange caps on hand, I got the box of rubber gloves, man I am the one-stop shopping source for campground emergency medicine.

Yeah I got a vendetta for trying to help people. Is helping people called a vendetta all the sudden?

Well now my right arm don't work right anymore.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Yeah and it gets tougher. The injured me. You know, i have some experience with law enforcement, I know not to expect the kindest of treatment but this guy roughed me up to the point and twisted my arm to where my right arm ain't working right. I mean I'm not the type of guy to cry out in pain but now my right arm isn't working right.

I mean I have put so many people in hand cuffs and there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. What you want to watch out for is neorovascular dammage. And I knew what kind of handcuffs the guy was putting on my just by the sound of them. I like S&W handcuffs but he had the Peerless. Pretty standard.


Dumb fuckers when they frisked me felt the keys in my pocket and failed to examine them because it just so happens I keep a hand cuff key on my keyring. Why? Because it's part of my tool kit, remember? I'm more used to putting cuffs on people than having them put on me. So it starts getting good. I slip out of the cuffs and just keep my arms behind my back and let the guy try to interrogate me. It was high commedy. I might have let the words "fuck you I want my attorney" slip my lips once. Or twice. Or three times or four and at one point I was just like "take me to jail now, I dare you, I double dare you".

I guess that is why I got "the treatment".

Honest guys, I don't mind a bit of rough play but this guy, this one cop injured me. He really did and he tried to. I told him I had a hand injury and he make sure to load up the pain factor, and again, I don't mind a but of pain in good fun but now my right arm don't work proper and now I have to type with one hand. And this bones. I need my right hand. I used to use it to type with. Now I can't hardly use my right arm.

Ask yourself how this happens. I render medical aid and tell the kid to call the cops and I end up getting injured.

Last time I call Prescott PD for help, I can tell you this because I did and they injured me.

I would advise all people NOT to call Prescott PD in the event of an emmergency because they will show up and hurt you worse.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
Entered on:

Oyate, you are my hero.

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