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Libertarian Presidential Nominee and Continental Congress President--Heart Attack.

Written by Subject: Continental Congress 2009
In the midst of all the fun and excitement of making preparations for the Christmas and New Years Holiday, I was deeply saddened to hear that my good friend, Michael Badnarik, had had a heart attack while in Wisconsin (He's from Texas) this early afternoon.
Fortunately, friends were there to revive his heart and he was air-lifted to Gunderson Lutheran Hospital.  Although he is (as of this writing) still unconscious, he is on a temporary pacemaker and a balloon pump to allow rest for his heart.
Michael is an outstanding asset to the liberty movement.  He's been a real friend and confidante for many years.  We had spoken a few days ago and committed to a pretty hefty project collaboration in the Spring.  He is always trying to find new ways to "Light the fires of liberty, one heart at a time".
Please join me in prayer that his heart will burn again with the same passion and intensity very soon.
Obviously, Michael could also use any gifts you might send along to help him with the financial costs.  If you could see it in your hearts, I'm sure he'll appreciate it greatly.  You can send contributions to: 
You can also send him an "E-Mail Get Well" card at:
Michael and his family's Holiday has obviously been severely interrupted and re-arranged.  It's become a time to consider Michael and his mom, Elaine's need to make minute-by-minute decisions, your interruption could be a costly distraction to them.  Elaine asks that you please don't call Michaels phone or his moms until they get all the details and Michael is released back out into the wilds of America.

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