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4409 -- Merry Christmas Neo-Cons!

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From the desert in Phoenix It's a 9 hour round trip to complete the billboards..
Thank you to everyone who made this possible. 
Thank you 911blogger and greenback...
Lets make these billboards viral across the world!

These are YOUR billboards and they are now up on Interstate 40 near mile marker 328 in North Eastern Arizona...Look up Sanders Arizona zip code 86512.
The billboards face east and west.
Special thanks to: Morpheus, Tesla, Chuck Gillespie, Renee Houlihan, Tom & Joan of Winslow, Drew, Jeanne & Buck, and the rest of the gang from The Phoenix Revolution.
We don't Dream it....We do it!
Viva Voce 4409

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Comment by Alan Waddell
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I bet we don't see this on the NBC News! I also liked the "Americans do not consent to search" . How about an ultralight airplane pulling a banner that says "I do not consent to search" I would like to see them try and pull me over in that thing. Watch my Ultralight video at our website,  also check out our song "WAKE UP" FREE MP3 downloads, use it someplace. NO EXCUSES the band! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Merry Christmas to the brave, dedicated AZ crew that saw this project through from start to finish.  Wow, the snow scenery was beautiful but the driving must have been challenging to say the least. Some folks from out of state might not know about the stretches of road up, down and around the mountains, yikes! I missed an adventure for sure. My lame excuses are stuck at work and afraid to drive in blizzard conditions.  Thanks for the beautiful video!  Love you all, I am extremely grateful for such friends.  Jeanne 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I've already complained to my legislator.  Imagine if every GD punk out there started erecting billboards to one anti-government cause or another.  Pretty soon I'd find myself distracted from important messages like McDonald's next exit, and Chevron up ahead. 

You bastards won't get away with this!  There will be a law!!!!  ;-)

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