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BCS and the 28th Amendment

Written by Subject: Corruption

Fox News is reporting that the House of Representatives and the Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises, respectively.  This raises the average wage for these corporate minions to over $166,000. Nancy “Astroturf” Polosi already receives over $200,000 a year before this latest shakedown.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the privileged fence, these self-serving “public servants" voted to not give you a Social Security cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011.  In addition, your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the next two years and these same citizens will not get the 3% cost of living increase (COLA) which amounts to about $660 per year. The total two year loss and cost to the taxpayers which have funded the latest round of CONgressional pay raises amounts to $1,600, per individual and $3,200 for husband and wife.  
Conversely, each member of CONgress will receive $10,000 more of your money. Will CONgress share in the pain and misery, as well as subjecting themselves to the will of the impending death panels of the health care abuse that CONgress is attempting to ram down the throats of the American public? Will these CONgressman share equally in the pain of paying increased prescription drug prices, doctors fees, and denial of health care based upon age? Not on your life!
When is enough, enough?  Yet, we continue to re-elect the very people who further enslave our citizenry with each law that they pass. This endless and repeating scenario of CONgressional abuse is reminiscent of the battered wife who continues to financially support the creep who physically beats her to a bloody pulp and then faithfully believes the abuser’s promises to “not do it again.”  America suffers from a similar kind of abuse as do battered wives. After each round of abuse, the CONgress promises to not do it again, only to repeat their heinous actions.  Battered wives should never tolerate this abuse and neither should battered citizens.
Perhaps modern psychiatry has discovered a new mental illness: Battered Citizen Syndrome (BCS). The key symptoms of this illness include the following:

1.    Blind trust of elected officials

2.    Apathy and ignorance towards the abusive actions, of elected officials, towards their constituents, which typically occur between election cycles.

3.    A return to a state of blind trust of elected officials, by the abused, when the abusers promise to “not do it again.”
4.   The syndrome's gestational cycle ranges from two to
       six years.
     The final cure for the BS which causes the affliction now known as BCS is to once and for all abandon the corrupt two party system and to send the Nancy Pelosi’s and the Harry Reid’s packing in November of 2010. Everyone must be gone! No exceptions! Otherwise, if this cancer is not fully excoriated, the malignancy will return in a more virulent form of progressive enslavement. Until that day arrives, we need to give CONgress a does of their own medicine: The passage of the 28th Amendment.


Amendment 28 of the United States Constitution

"Congress shall make no law which is applicable to the citizens of the United States that is not equally applicable to United States Senators and member s of the House of Representatives. Further, Congress shall make no law which is applicable to United States Senators and members of the House of Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."

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