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911 billboards near Sanders, Arizona on I 40

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 The Arizona Crew: 4409, Tesla, Morpheus and Tom get  together and put up 40 foot billboards on the side of I-40 near Sanders, Arizona. 
Now more than 25,000 people per day will see the sign and start questioning 911 
Patriots question 911 billboards sanders arizona I40 I-40 patriotsquestion911
The billboards are now broadcasting their pirate signal back into the Matrix.  The billboard companies CBS and Clear Channel were unwilling to put up the banner on "their" sites as the message was deemed "controversial".  The message is now clear:  You will not question the official story! Patriots Questioning 911 would be bad for their stockholders.  What would happen were some of the slaves reading the message wake up from their mass hypnosis?
The Patriots decided to do an end around the main stream media and Build their own billboards this picture story of how it all unfolded.
Patriots question 911 billboards sanders arizona I40 I-40 patriotsquestion911 morpheus 4409 tesla
Ask your self why did this group come together to broadcast this message?  The answer is the government, media is lying to you about the official story.  How could a 110 story building come down at the rate of free fall in the path of maximum resistance?  Where did the residual thermite found at the WTC site come from?  Where did the iron Nanospheres found in the dust come from?  What cause building 7 to fall when it was hit by neither Plane nor Debris AND the BBC mentioned had fallen 20 minutes prior to its collapse?
Patriots question 911 billboards sanders arizona I40 I-40 patriotsquestion911 morpheus 4409 tesla
We will not let this issue rest till we have these answers!  Got some land?  Lets do a billboard.  Freedom of speech and the press right.
Patriots question 911 billboards sanders arizona I40 I-40 patriotsquestion911 morpheus
Now get out there and rock and Roll the Bones...Get busy!  
We got a bunch of help with equipment sponsored by PT's Bar in Winslow.  Check them out and let them know you heard about them because of the billboards.

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Comment by Cezary plechawski
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thank You all involve in showing the rest what is the truth, who are our real enemy, hope still ours USA will go after those dirty joos, mossad and others involve in collecting huge insurance money, like Larry Silverstein and few others port authority of New York, God bless You honest people


Comment by Rich Besco
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Oh yeah, YOU GUYS FREAKIN' ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Rich Besco
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I urge all patriots to rise above using the all too common rhetoric "du jour" that it is "us against the government".  Though elements within the U.S. (and many others) government have obviously been corrupted and controlled for many decades by powerful forces with a selfish agenda, I believe fighting to restore government "of, by, and for the people" should be our focus. Let's honor the lofty ideals of our nations founders and the many sacrifices of true patriots since, by continuing the struggle for the true "American Dream".

Comment by Clark C. McClelland, ScO
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If the existing brain dead US Citizens cannot recognize that OUR BELOVED NATION is in DEEP trouble, then it has DIED as a civilization on earth..

Our world leading Space Program has been destroyed by a so-called President who cannot provide a birth certificate, etc.

They in the US Senate, Congress, etc., that support the destruction of the NASA Manned Space Program,  MUST be voted out of any office they hold. They are traitors to us all.

HIGH TREASON is rampant in Washington, DC!!

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992.

How do I add my name to your Aeronautical list?

Comment by Susan Voll
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 Wonderful!!! we just passed your sign on our travels and Wow! I am so excited to see people who think as I do! Thank you for your sign and Blessed Be to all of you. I will join your site and help with the fight to get our Country Back! And yes, I say fight because it is sad to say but, that is what is happening in this country it is US the people of this country against our govenment. We must stop what is happening or we are all going to loose what we call 'FREEDOM'.

                             Susan and Keith Voll of Winter Springs, Florida

Comment by glen stanish
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 Congratulations on a fantastic project. Your efforts demonstrate loud and clear that the truth will not be buried. Very inspirational.

Comment by Alan Waddell
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I bet we don't see this on the NBC News! I also liked the "Americans do not consent to search" . How about an ultralight airplane pulling a banner that says "I do not consent to search" I would like to see them try and pull me over in that thing. Watch my Ultralight video at our website,  also check out our song "WAKE UP" FREE MP3 downloads, use it someplace. NO EXCUSES the band! 

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Great story from start to finish. Thank you for neat photos and nifty links.  Glad you guys are back home safe and project completed! I am so proud of you!

Merry Christmas to all!