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International Society for Individual Liberty winter retreat in Phoenix, Jan. 8 - 11

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The International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) is holding their annual winter retreat conference in sunny warm Phoenix, Arizona,  January 8 - 10, 2010.   [Note: there is an optional fourth day event on Monday.]

From their website: ISIL is a network of individuals and associations in over 90 countries dedicated to building a free and peaceful world through the ideals of free markets, social tolerance and individual responsibility.

Our philosophy of liberty, which is catching on world wide, is called Libertarianism.

Speakers include: Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Mary Ruwart, Carol Ruth Silver, Jan Narveson, Rodney Long, David T. Beito, Mimi Reisel Gladstein, and a heck of a lot more.

Their schedule includes the speaker's topics.

Radisson's pool next to conference rooms
Full registration for all three days is $520.  That may seem high to some, but I know they eat well, and get this, it included the price of a shared double room at the Radisson Hotel, Airport North, Phoenix.  If you want a private room there is a supplemental fee.

There are several registration pricing options and IMHO some sweet deals.

There is provision for student scholarships, and a $125 special open to all of all Saturday speakers and lunch and dinner.

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Comment by Ben Nichols
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I will be purchesing some "Individual session tickets." I'm looking forward to David Beito, Mary Ruwart, and Patri Friedman.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Don't let the big dollar amounts scare you off!  I will be attending this event and taking advantage of the $15 tickets.  Each ticket will allow you to hear a Speaker (except for a couple of the big banquet ones).  I will probably end up buying about four of them just to see certain people (Dr. Mary Ruwart! for one).


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