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Police Using Drones To Spy on Americans 2010

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Welcome to the new Amerika!

United States (US) to use drones
on their own citizens

Houston, USA - The police plan to use unmanned drones with "high powered cameras" to spy on the American people. The cameras can look into people's houses, their backyards and even track people or vehicles. The drones can stay in air for up to 24hours.

At the test of the drones there were roadblocks banning media.

According to Martha Montalvo from the Houston Police department the drones will be used for "mobility, evacuation, homeland security, search and rescue and also tactical"

That means these drones would be used to snuck out "terrorists" as well as keeping a eye on people.

This technology will be used to "protect" people from terrorism but will in fact invade on the privacy of ordinary citizens.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 Yes, but just think of how very safe that makes the sheeple feel

Comment by Patriot 2012
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the Very Reason to Shoot them down! Any Fed Dept that does this is the Terrorist!

Comment by Chris Wagner
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Why spend all that money on a drone with a camera.  If they would just turn it around they would have a full picture of the problem...