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AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF filed on John Stuarts behaf

Written by Subject: Criminal Justice System
    Statically the leading cause of false convictions and wrongful imprisonment of innocent people is "prosecutorial misconduct." This misconduct can be defined numerous ways, but simply stated it is when prosecutors conduct themselves or the case in a manner that is not "in the interest of justice."
    Case in point is the fraudulent prosecution of John Stuart for second degree murder and drive by shooting for surviving a kidnapping attempt by a drunken drug crazed maniac having a "roid rage" attack. The kidnapper that savagely attacked Stuart and Stuart's wife in their vehicle had a B.A.C. of .19, a steroid inhaler in his pocket and bragged on his blog that he was doing too much L.S.D. and it made him "feel like he was God."
     A cursory inspection of the grand jury statements by Detective Dalton proves that Dalton blatantly committed perjury to two (2) grand juries in order to obtain the fraudulent indictment against Stuart. Further inspection shows that Dalton personally and purposefully also destroyed ALL of the exculpatory evidence (evidence proving Stuart's innocence), even if violation of the command of a lawfully issued warrant.
    The following Amicus Curiae brief that was entered into the case by a Notary Public was unlawfully stricken from the record by Judge McMurdie by McMurdie committing perjury and claiming Stuart entered the document into the Court. McMurdie has actually issued an order in the case preventing Stuart from entering any evidence into the case that proves Stuart's innocence. One should remember Stuart is the first man in U.S. history that was falsely imprisoned for previously entering evidence into the case that proves his innocence.
    Simply put, this is how so many innocent people are falsely convicted by our corrupt court system. It happens thousands of times everyday in America, and statistically, Maricopa County Arizona is one of the worst in the Nation.
1) The police commit perjury to the grand jury to gain a false indictment
2) The prosecutor motions the court to destroy all of the evidence proving innocence.
3) The judge approves the motion
4) The police then destroy all of the exculpatory evidence, which includes ALL of the original witness statements, then the detective rewrites the witness statements in his own words (changing exculpatory statements to inculpatory statements) and enters the new witness statements into court
5) If the Defendant attempts to argue against the destruction of evidence or attempts to put in more evidence he is found in contempt of court and locked up
6) The prosecutor moves forward once ALL of the exculpatory evidence is destroyed and/or changed
7) The judge forces the Defendant to be represented by a Public Defender who is really just a prosecutor's assistant and is responsible for making sure the Defendant cannot defend himself
8) The jury ONLY hears the inculpatory evidence (evidence proving guilt, in this case there isn't any so the jury will only hear witness statements) and is never informed the exculpatory evidence was destroyed
    This is how American courts all throughout this country operate everyday. It only works because no one is willing to hold the transgressors accountable.
    When a detective gets caught committing perjury he is NEVER charged, the court writes it off as a "mis-statement." When the judge give heinous orders he is protected by judicial immunity.
    We no longer have lawful courts in this country, what we have now are known historically as STAR CHAMBERS.