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4409 -- First RON PAUL 2012 billboard...The Revolution Continues

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Thank you Terry Major

The Ron Paul Revolution started in Arizona and 4409, Morpheus, Tesla and many others in the Phoenix Revolution and across the NATION are lighting that brush fire again. Viva Revolution...lets have some fun :)

This is what we believe to be the first billboard for Ron Paul 2012. It's located in Cottonwood, Arizona. The sign is 8' x 28'. This sign has nothing to do with him running. This is just a public endorsement of the peoples revolution.

This is not the first billboard we have erected. With your help last month we put up the first billboard about 9/11 truth on Interstate 40 with

Now with your help we are going to build Alex Jones a 10'x40' billboard on Interstate 40. We will build the billboard if we get enough money pledged in the 4409 billboard bomb. Go here to pledge

We also want YOU to design the billboard. The billboard will be 10' x 40'. Artwork must be 300dpi and must say rest is up to you.

Send artwork to

I want to personally thank these people below because without their help this sign would not have been possible:

Ernest & Donna Hancock
Renee Houlihan
Terry Major
Donnie James
Christopher McTaggart
Deborah Burke
sachchi kuhananthan
Decuff Investments Inc.
robert bates
Sean Murta
Brian Clarke
Richard Lowe
edward wisniewski
Paul McArthur
Alan Degasis
Eva Vass
Andreas Praeg
Darryl Perry
Paul S Canfield
Buck & Jeanne Manwiller
Timothy Wiggins
Doran Carder
Richard A Hunt
Gary Pozniak
And many others!