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Showdown at High Noon: Sheriff Paul vs Redflex

Written by Subject: Camera Fraud
Redflex was already shaking in their boots, but this one should send them running for the hills. Sheriff Paul Babeu has called for a protest of Redflex Traffic Systems unconstitutional and dangerous contract with the State of Arizona. The code name for this event is #CF2010. When it’s all over, only the reputation of one will remain standing. The showdown will be held at High Noon, 12:00 PM on February 6th, across the street from Redflex headquarters.

Us good guys have always known that the facts were on our side. Now we have the law on our side too. If those yellow bellies from Redflex even cross our path, Sheriff Paul and CameraFRAUD volunteers will blow them away with the truth: It’s all about the money and it was never about safety.

This is bigger than Dow vs Heiler. This is THE ONE EVENT that we need all of our supporters to attend. There will be other guests planned and one special surprise that we won’t spill the beans about yet. #CF2010, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Email and however else you communicate.

We will not back down from this foreign, for profit company that endangers the lives and shakes down Arizona motorists under the guise of safety.


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