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Tea Party Nation excludes CFL, Birchers from National Tea Party?

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Updated 01/26/2010:
A fresh round of controversy occurs as persons defending TPN say they didn't exclude C4L or JBS. Reposted emails on various forums support this assertion, however the situation has clearly escalated to the point where authorized representatives of all groups concerned can make official statements to clarify the issues at stake.
Original story:
Original, insider reporting from Matt Collins indicates the latest outrage to the movement is that TN Campaign For Liberty and TN John Birch Society have been denied table space at the National Tea Party event on Feb 4-6 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.
That's the one that Sarah Palin is scooping up a neat $100k to be the keynote speaker at.
Tea Party Nation is another one of these ultra-well-funded "teabagger" shows that sprung up out of nowhere as far as the grassroots was concerned. Predictably, it turned out to have been cooked up by known GOP hacks, not the grassroots we know.
The grassroots we know would have had to argue for 3 months and have a money bomb to afford a huge, nice tour bus, but nontheless, TPN was done principally under the aegis of one Judson Phillips.
Judson has lost no time in alienating himself from some folks. Allegedly, Judson had planned a not-for-profit organization and he recruited much volunteer help. Well now it's a for-profit and that made some people rather angry. And it seems Judson might be in some hot water due to the nature of his operations and distribution of funds to date.
Never any shortage of controversy in this movement eh? The article titles that follow document a nice, tidy little firestorm.
Judson "I want to make a million dollars from this movement" Phillips:
Former webmaster challenges embattled Tea Party Nation founder to prove him a liar.
Tea Party turmoil erupts as volunteers quit.
More former Tea Party Nation members come out against founder Judson Phillips.
Key sponsor drops out of Tea Party convention after accusations against founder.
And it goes on and on. Google "Judson Phillips tea party nation" and you'll find more. If there's any moral to this story it might be STOP MESSING AROUND IN OUR MOVEMENT YOU PARTY HACKS!

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Comment by Budda Roll
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This is a discussion I have been having in the more public forums with other "liberty" minded people. So many of them have become so hell bent on seeing anything go against the Democrats and the current administration that they forget that BOTH sides of the aisle are equally at fault and that this has been going on for decades upon decades. The day that the MSM talking heads started covering/pushing the Tea Party and the rallies was the day I finally had to fully admit that at the very least the GOP would exploit the current situation to ride the coat tales of the liberty movement and at worst, infiltrate and commandeer it ultimately giving more fodder for the MSM to debase and minimize anything good that is accomplished. All of this becomes even more diluted with the likes of media personalities who's message may be generally good but their personality has become larger than the message. The most difficult thing I am finding is that the generalizations, personal attacks and name calling that undermine any attempt at constructive exchange of ideas. For me, this has brought me to a point where the best I can do is try to speak only on the issues and derail any attempts at baiting and taunting. When the baiting persists, I find myself just walking away.

Comment by Drew
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but Palin with be tea baggin! who would not want to see that!

Comment by David McElroy
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 The GOP operatives are desperate to maintain the appearance of leadership, and are trying to hijack the Tea Party MOVEMENT and subjugate it for their own ends. Yes, many grass-roots republicans are rightfully unhappy with the GOP, but we must NOT let the party intervene and assume control. The GOP, and the Democrats, need to go the way of the Whigs and extinction!