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4409 -- Senator elect Scott Brown tells voters to F%ck off

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(Actual footage) Republicans and Democrats alike were drawing lessons from Republican Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts even before it happened, in an attempt to replicate the lies and bullshit that was spewing from his mouth.

What did you think was going to happen?

Scott Brown is a liberal neo-tard piece of filth!
Whats next...him parading around for amnesty, getting drunk and killing women just like his predecessor
NOT the I will screw you light bill

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Comment by SaveOur Republic
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Brown is another puppet of the Globalist Elite and further proof that the GOP & DNC are controlled by the same ma$ters!



Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I know that anyone that would call Rudy Guiliani for help is a two bit piece of sh*t.

Lest see what MA does now..Bend over most likely? 

I hope all Veterans heard him say a few words about taking away from the Vet`s to help pay for his plans...that`s right,listen close.