Sometimes it really is just this simple.

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New Yorkers on a subway are truly zombies. They switch off, avoid eye contact, basically behave as if each other doesn't exist. However it is possible to unzombify them.
So. Got Love?

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Comment by Budda Roll
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Fantastic vids.

Comment by Found Zero
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And this is why for years we gravitated towards the hippies  Many among our movement condemn collectivism, forgetting the all vonuntary love is worth 100X compuncutal love and,


That is what everybody outside of Arizona forgets. Maybe it's the same for NH, but I feel no lack of love, I feel no lack or caring.

I have competition, where will Oyate come to die?

There are people among us that are so generous and loving that they will permit us a place to die when we are  old and sick. Not health care, just a place to die in.


O would aquianit you with a story. A real life story.

As Aason Russo's National Director of Technology, I was among the first to hear of his passage and I know just what to do. I put out the word to the 5 or 6 true people I knew and I just took up our natinoal conference call line and I knew what would happen.

Within minutes we had  350 callers, 2 minutes after that, we hadd 800, our movement did what it was best at, at that point. And All this time I was praying that a person from Aaron's spiritual tradition could come and speak because Aaron Russo made it abundantly clear that he wanted to be treated and buried as a Jew.


And now I have some bad news for you brothers. One of my promises is that I will look after the interests of Heidi, the surving wife of Aaron Russo, the father of two sons, and the intent of Aaron Russo was that his family get a part of the sales.

Therefore, having given this demmand, I adjure you brothers to formulate not a back-tax. I ask you from this day forward to simply consider the widow and to know and internalize that Aaron intended for just a part, just a penny, to go to his family.

And brothers, I recognize with you that I have fallen down on my part of upholding Aaron Russo and his lineage, but in my older life, one thing I can recognize is;


 For me as I look at these tapes of Love Police, I see how I used to be. I see how easy (and hard) it is to just throw yourself out there with love. But all the sudden, it just seems hardened to me because of violence and my personal experiences with law enforcement (from both sides) and suddently I am aware that I am aliented in myself to this good news and virtue.

Shit man, I ended up on the bad side.

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These are wonderuful.

Comment by Found Zero
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OK some comments from Oyate. 

I've done this before too. In many ways. I've lived in NYC.

One thing to do is work in a crew, like this vid, but my method was "Dead Presidents". Get on any train and challenge the person next to you to Dead Presidents. Keep it up and it doesn't matter if that person didn't accept the challenge, others will join in and you can get a whole train car to not only be playing Dead Presidents but riding behond their stop just to hand and do the experience.

But that obviously takes special effort. Before 9/11, New Yorkers were the most callous, the most shockingly unfeeling people I'd ever seen, so I too resorted to what the hippies used to call "freaking out the establishment".

After 9/11, like the very next day, shit man, you all read about the stories of people who had lived next to each other for years and never talked saying "how are you doing, are you ok?"

And for one great moment, for a few days in NYC, you could not sneeze without people rushing up to you and making sure you were OK.

Anyways, time has gone on, New Yorkers reverted to their incipiently sociopathic tendencies and I've become less trusting to the point where I look at this and say "oh what brave men and ladies" and have to think back to where, oh yeah man, I used to do that too.

How far have I come from bringing love and joy to where I am now, and given such, can what I am doing now possibly be doing any good?

If you haven't given pure love or joy a chance in reaching people, consider doing so. All you have to do is put 100% of yourself on the line without a care. In NYC as in many places, attacking people with love can get you attacked back by hate.

And that's what makes this so wonderful.


Thanks Love Police.