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Sean Kraft to end Hunger Strike in Wash DC on Day 66

Written by Subject: Activism

I've been told I look like a floppy sock.  I look pretty pathetic in the mirror, I know.  I'm very weak, and the scale is again looking like a dip is under way.  My joints feel sloppy as though they have all received injections of Slick50.  My muscles are very soft.  And some do not respond well.  I walk like I'm twice my age.  The only things that leave my body are liquids.  I'm not in any real pain and I sleep about 9 hours solid. I can bolt up from my chair in thought of something, forgetting that I'm weak and a moment later I'm drained.   Coffee is my best friend, although it doesn't taste half as good as it normally does.  My thoughts are clear, but because I'm weak, waves of weakness may jog my thoughts around or I speak slowly to get the words out clearly.  Simply out of an increasing workload in contacting people and discussing the Articles of Freedom, I've neglected to speak with many people.  I appologize.  Despite any of my difficulties,  I will make it to Wash DC, hopefully to have my say before a "goodly number of Americans", and launch the Articles of Freedom onto America's front burner.

There are a goodly number of people who support what I'm doing.  These people know what is going on in America.  They speak openly about it, and are prepared to defend her.  When you hear them speak, you understand that there is love there.  Love for everybody.  A firm, and unwaving drive to protect their country from without and within.  Love without action is nothing.  Patriotism is the love for country and people.  Not this "social injustice" excuse that has been slapped into our young people.  Imposing fairness is not justice.  Neither is the warehousing of people as voting blocks.  There is no justice in imposing burdens on people who haven't even been born.  There is no justice in eugenics.  There is plenty of change, but there is no hope in socialism.  Not in the public burden, the collective, nor the concept of enforced obligatory life.  Patriots do not compromise.  They act against their fear, and lose no clarity on the issue.  I deeply appreciate the many from the Continental Congress, and others who are helping me to get to Wash DC.  By the grace of God I will be there and represent the Articles of Freedom well.

The Articles of Freedom need to be spoken in public.  The issues in, and the text of the Articles of Freedom need to be the center of speech for this generation of people.  Today.

Our country is in peril.  Yours and my children's future are in jeopardy.  Please, read the Articles of Freedom.  Call your closest and make pacts with them to stay true to the principles of the Articles of Freedom and to create a local body from your own people.  Familiarize yourselves with the Articles and seek simply to form your body on the Articles alone, a body of like-minded patriots.  Discuss the Articles of Freedom, and do so quickly.  Then as a body, you will come to agreement on many of the elements of the Articles.  Stay in concert with your majority, and come to agree or disagree.  But come to conclusions on each element of the Articles.  Do it in your living room with your closest.  And reach out from there to others you can agree with on principles.  Present to them the true crisis in America, and present the Articles of Freedom as the answer.  Prepare statements about each article and each recommendation.  And then contact everyone you know.  Call them to an emergency meeting of kith and kin.  Use some parliamentary procedures.  Let everyone speak.  Come to conclusions quickly.  Keep it simple.  Choose a name for your group, and choose a represtative and staff.  Decide a course of action as a body, to either support elements of the Articles, or the Articles of Freedom in toto.  Provide what's necessary for the operation of the body.  Pray openly.  Consider joining with other bodies in coalition.  Be loving, and throw past wrongs as far as the east is from the west.  Being forgiving and ask for forgiveness is good.

Be wise and vigilant, but not afraid of infiltrators.  Speak in concert with the principles of the Articles and keep your representatives very busy, making coalitions with other bodies.  Let us be prepared to meet, and prepared to get strong now, for all the right reasons.  Let us choose to support each other.  To prepare for leaner, and more trying times.  Let us prepare to learn, to lead, and be willing to be led.

I am Sean Patrick Kraft.  I am a good follower.  I am seeking someone to lead me.  I see this in the Articles of Freedom and the Continental Congress 2009, and I now need even more.  Please consider supporting me to be in Wash DC on the 27th of January 2010.  Please help make this successful,
    to get me and my helper there,
    to encourage as many other people to be there
    to encourage prominent members of the liberty movement to speak there also
    to gather as many media outlets as possible

And then I'd like to sit down and have a meal with everyone who comes.