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EU Government Meddlers - Too Funny to Pass Up

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Der Spiegel
"Oettinger, The Artist of the English Language"
(Where's Dieter from SNL when you need him to translate. "Now it is time to touch my monkey.")
 According to Der Spiegel in Germany this week: "This video has the potential to become a net phenomenon.  It begins with Economic Minister Gunther Oettinger who says, "English is becoming the language of work.  All workers and business owners need to know it."  What comes after is commented by You Tube viewers with "Uh. Uh. Uh."
You'll like the part where he attempts to say in English, "We cannot allow that everyone dos what he pleases."  :)
momomo1232 (58 minutes ago) Show Hide
To all English speakers: his German is even worse! He's a complete joke. Maybe we all have to accept the fact that the world language is not English but bad English...