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Alex Jones Co-opts Texans for Accountable Government's Austin PD Protest

Written by Subject: Activism

January 26, 2010

By Jet Lacey

A planned protest turned ugly yesterday when liberty activists turned on each other at an event held on the steps of the Austin Police Department HQ regarding the APD and BATFE’s decision to shut down the long running and legally-held Texas Gun Show on January16th and 17th. 

Talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones was invited yet refused to speak at yesterday’s protest, which was sponsored by Texans for Accountable Government, Truth Seekers, and the Ladies of Liberty Alliance.  Instead, Jones co-opted the event by using his bullhorn to drown out the event's scheduled speakers.

In a YouTube video chronicling the takeover of the event by Jones and the ensuing tumult, Catherine Bleish, Executive Director of the Liberty Restoration Project confronted Jones regarding his comment that they were “new activists and they didn’t know what they were doing,” to which Jones replied; “Well, I said that to you, yes.”

An off-camera and unnamed activist then asked for the reason why Jones didn't work with the event's organizers, to which Jones replied, "Well, I'm sorry; I brought 80% of the people here."  While much of the audio is unintelligible due to ambient sound, Bleish informs Jones “Many people worked really hard on this event,” to which Jones replied again, “You don’t know what you’re doing.”  Jones also says during the exchange, “You’ve got a hard-on for me” and “I’ll be here in 20 years.”

You know what they say; too many cooks trying to make a name for themselves always spoil the broth.


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Comment by Mr. Jones Is my Master
Entered on: There is no such thing as a free market. Rights are only something you can afford to have. Jumping up and down like an idiot doesn't mean you are making sense. Neither does screaming at a video camera.
Comment by Die Daily
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Good to see such a lively debate. Sounds like a bunch of freedom-loving people with a non-homogeneous world view. Wouldn't have it any other way! My two cents: Catherine's assertion that she broke the MAIC report is a little like Al Gore's that he invented the internet. I remember when AJ broke that and the drubbing that the police phone lines took! That was pretty cool, and it was all AJ. It's very safe to assume there is history between the two. You can pit yourself against AJ if you want, that's cool, but crying about it if it doesn't work out as you wanted it to is not very cool at all. Personally, if there's a powerful push against "the enemy" in progress already and it's penetrating and doing some damage, I'm not sure why I'd want to grab a small squad and head off to some other skirmish instead of getting involved in already effective one. If I did, that would be fine, it's my prerogative as a free person, but I should accept responsibility for the outcome. And that could include getting caught in volleys between the enemy and the main attack group. Not crying about it would be desired. I agree with [anonymous] about AJ initially aiming his horn across the street at the MSM news folks. If he had wanted to disrupt the meeting I'm not sure why he would have had his back to them. But after that, I'm not sure. It does seem that he was being totally dismissive of the organizers. He didn't mince words later on camera though did he! Either way, I don't think a person has to pick sides. Some activists showed up. They did what they did. Not all agreed. AJ was definitely rude to the hosts. They were rude back. S'all good!

Comment by Anonymous
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 You know what Brock, you can be a jerk sometimes too.  Like in this zero value-add post below.  Tell us how that separates you from AJ.  OMG, I just found your connection to cointelpro, the jerkie boys!  Now, if I repeat that enough times and bitch loud enough maybe the libertarian "street action" crew will believe it and they'll tell everyone that you're the sellout!

Excuse my french, but j*sus what a bunch of whiny b*tches!

Comment by Brock Lorber
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I've spent 38 years with my thumb up my wazoo, so let me tell you chilluns, I have the bona fides to talk about the anal-cranial interface.

I paid Alex Jones two bits to see a man eating chicken.  Now, the maw on this thing didn't look strong enough to crunch the bones, or anything, but dammit I saw a man eating chicken!

Alex says he'll show me his Turtle Boy after the show for an extra nickle.

Comment by paul harris
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I do not know Mr. Jones, nor am i affiliated in any way financially with his website or any of his sponsors. That being said, I am a huge fan of his, and have been for the  past 8 years. A bit about myself. I have been studying politics and the New World Order for well over 25 years. Longer than many of you have been alive. Thats a fact folks, yep I'm an old dude. I am also arrogant like Jones. I will tell you categorically that I know more about the ins and outs, from everything such as Cecil Roades, The RIIA also known as Chatam House, The Pilgrim's Society, Le Cercle, Tavistock, The Aspen Institute, Maurice Strong, Jacob Schiff, the Moslem Brotherhood, and other organizations that I am quite sure the vast majority of you truth seekers have never heard of. I do have the bona fides to speak on this subject, and I will.


I know little to nothing about this Catherine character, other than what I have seen on several youtube clips, as well as gleaning some info on a ron paul forum about her, and her dislike of Paul.

I wasn't at Austin for the rally in question, but I have seen several clips. The first comment on this site reflects ,most accurately my opinion of what I saw. Furthermore the way that I saw it, Catherine was goading Jones, plain and simple. Jones had every right to bullhorn as loud as he wanted to. He broke the story folks, as well as the MIAC report, contrary to Catherine's assertion. Not to mention that the co sponsor of the event was loose change of austin. You know loose change don't ya folks? The loose knit organization that was started by Luke. Luke himself a huge fan of Jones as I am.

I frankly could care less how much dough Jones makes with his site. I hope its millions, more power to him. He has stood up to everyone from the word go. From the Man, to the anti semites, to the pope haters, to the leftes and the righties. He has MY respect, and has earned it the hard way, by putting his balls on the line, on a daily basis.

This Catherine person is obviously either trying to earn kudos in the movement or shall i say it a shill. I get so tired of seeing the bickering, and the in fighting among you, particularly in refernce to Jones. Show some respect or make your own site. 

Jones is this or that, a money grubber, a jew lover, an agent for the man, why aint he assassinated yet, the bs goes on and on an on. 

Petty, dumb, arrogant, and ignorant, that is how I view his detractors on here. Go make your own movement if you don't like him. He is 9/11 truth, he is the dude, dudes and dudettes. Why don't you spend some time looking for the real shills around, particularly in regards to the Sunstein Conspiracy paper, instead of eating the man who has stood up for all of us.









Comment by Get Real
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 It's amazing how so many of you people who commented, think you're so smart but clearly missed the obvious.  The collection of videos posted tells everything.  Here's what happened.  Alex Jones WAS NOT trying to disrupt the event.  What happened is Alex Jones arrived and saw that THE NEWS WAS DOING A LIVE BROADCAST.  Alex Jones' intention was to disrupt the live remote, not the people up on the steps.  When Alex Jones said those people didn't know what they were doing, HE WAS RIGHT.  If those people actually knew what they were doing they would have seen the live remote and would have realized they can reach hundreds of thousands that are watching the news broadcast if they moved closer to the news van and focused the speech to THEIR microphone, just like Alex was doing.  However, those up on the steps couldn't friggen wait for 5 minutes for that opportunity to finish up, so it was THEIR decision to compete with Alex Jones.  It was another stupid decision to split the protest.  Come on people!  Just wait 5 minutes for Alex to do his thing, then resume when he's done.  What's wrong with that option?  Therefore, Alex is right, those people didn't know what they were doing -- the same people who used Alex's show to promote the event and are now bitching at him for taking advantage of a great opportunity -- to get messages out on a live TV news broadcast.

Comment by Found Zero
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How to you have a discussion with a non-entity? Line by line;

"Oye, I didn't question Catherine's intentions.  And a million people can "vouch" for someone.  That's uncorrelated with whether the person vouched for is actually DOING something or not."

Isn't it kind of obvious from the above and other activities that Cath is "doing something"? The question seems to be if it's worth doing in your judgement.

"Like I pointed out.  We're already moving three anti real id bills through the AZ legislature without fanfare, without claiming national notoreity, without needing to build our names or group names up, and without the TAG or LRP."

That's awesome. You are following up on previous efforts of other "groups" which also had "name recognition".

"So, then what IS TAG or LRP actually accomplishing in AZ?  Again ACCOMPLISHMENT, not keyboard warriorism or gaining recognition  for self?"

Let's see, since I believe LRP is about Missouri and I'm not sure about TAG, they have presented on Fusion Centers in our state. I'm not sure what other specific focus they've ever had in Arizona.

"Doesn't matter what the motives are or where their heart is if they are moving the football for the other team, not moving the football at all, or just getting in the way of people who are moving the football toward the goal."

One of LRP/Catherine's recent accomplishments is blowing the lid off the MAIC documents. That came in kind of handy and brought swift national response. Which way did that send your football? Your last statement indicates rash thinking. Of course the heart condition and motivations of leadership matter. Otherwise we could just outsource the management of the movement to the neocons and things would go great. Them being so "efficient" and all.

Comment by Henry George
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It was a TAG/LOLA event, which they organized to have guest speakers. They had important guest speakers who take real action. I've watched the people involved in city hall meetings. They are the real grassroots.

Alex Jones complains about having to do everything. However, it appears Alex Jones isn't there to learn what people are doing and support their efforts, he is there to step on it for footage of himself ranting.

Alex Jones is an out-of-touch douche bag. He isn't about becoming less worldly. He is about Alex Jones.

I've stopped listening to his show because of the event. I won't be buying t-shirts from him either. I'll buy my t-shirts from the real grassroots people who are working to bring change.

Comment by B Loose
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Isn't Bleish the one that called Ron Paul a traitor?

Maybe that would explain why Alex wouldn't give her the time of day.

She's a fake, out trying to get a name for herself and co-opt the movement.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Oye, I didn't question Catherine's intentions.  And a million people can "vouch" for someone.  That's uncorrelated with whether the person vouched for is actually DOING something or not.

Like I pointed out.  We're already moving three anti real id bills through the AZ legislature without fanfare, without claiming national notoreity, without needing to build our names or group names up, and without the TAG or LRP.

So, then what IS TAG or LRP actually accomplishing in AZ?  Again ACCOMPLISHMENT, not keyboard warriorism or gaining recognition  for self?

Doesn't matter what the motives are or where their heart is if they are moving the football for the other team, not moving the football at all, or just getting in the way of people who are moving the football toward the goal.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

In a way Tom W. catches my response to the vids. There was no point in getting into a conflict with Alex, not when he's "in mode". He had the bigger bullhorn. The LRP group tried and failed to both include and distance themselves from Alex to no avail. Alas, the streets are unpredictable. Flexibility is always key.

As to Catherine, there are many here in AZ who will vouch for her intentions.

Comment by Nick Barnett
Entered on:

I haven't ever been to DLand, but Dworld several times... gotta love small world :)

I actually ripped my name off from Johny Mnemonic... ICE-T's group of misfit hackers that lived off the grid were known as LowTechs.

Alex Jones encouraging people to copy his movies does throw a wrench in my argument. I knew about it, thought about it and only came up with this: If he didn't encourage it, it would happen anyhow. That's kind of a lame response, but I think it is the truth.

I'm not throwing out my Infowars tshirts just yet... I'm not as royally peaved at the man as I was this morning. It is good to get other perspectives. Thanks for the chat.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:


I agree on the patriot for profit thing.  I dont think its necessarily bad, but it appears generally distasteful and sometimes it is outright bad as there are a lot of frauds around.  Keep in mind AJ encourages copying his videos and distributing them as widely as possible too.  That's not a hallmark of a bare-knuckles profiteer. 

Watch that patriot for profit charge.  It's been levelled against the publisher of FP more than once.

I'm a LowTekJunkie too.  My favorite rides at D-Land are the low tech ones: Haunted, Pirates, Mister Toads, yes even Small World.

Comment by Nick Barnett
Entered on:


Is $210,000 "to make more movies" not a lot?

Its the dishonesty that bothers me. He constantly cries that he is the real patriot, that he is the true American, that he is the chosen one... even though he doesn't want to be. He might be chosen, the man has a big audience and is widely known. But to say that he is doing it for freedom isn't being honest.

I know its his show, but why does he have a show? He claims it is to put out the message of freedom and liberty. Then he tells people to go off and do their own thing... when they do, he ignores it.

I still think he has a grudge against LRP... I'd love to know what it was about. When LRP was here, I talked to Cat about getting cut off of the phone, she laughed and said she was just trying to cheer him up because he was having a crummy day... which was true. I let her know how I felt about the incident and she brushed it off and said Alex was great and it was him and his listeners that exposed MIAC and got her interested in Fusion Centers. At that point in time, she didn't let on to having any ill will towards AJ.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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 Seems to me, this is a good lesson of collectivisim vs. individualism. I'm sure the LRP people are well intentioned. It was sort difficult watching libratarian activists sell collectivisim - telling Alex he wasn't on their team. It reminded me a lot of going to a republican rally. It's unfortunate that they spent so much time organizing, maybe next time they should spend less, and just say this is the time and place, bring your own bull horn :) I will agree Alex was rude, but I think he saw an opportunity with the media accross the street and took it.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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John Green said: "It's ironic on a libertarian website that someone out to make a profit is so derided."

This fallacy is commonly held but, in fact, is a non-sequitor.

Nowhere in philosophy or economics is profit a per se good or bad.  For example, profit resulting from the use of force or fraudulent means is definitely not good.  And, in a perfectly competetive market, the economic profit would be 0 yet, absent force or fraud, a good.

Therefore, a libertarian can not hold pursuit of profit as good or bad. 

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 LoTek, Who cares?

Re the AJ money bomb, I'll bet you $10 bucks he didn't bring in much money.  But, again, whether he did or didn't, why do you care?

Re Catherine calling into AJ's show.  Who's show is it?  AJs.  If Alex doesn't want Catherine using his airtime to promote her events, who the hell cares?  It's his show.  Why do you care?

It gets under your skin?  Then go create an alternative.

I need to point out to my post below my previous.  After disrupting actual in-process anti-real id legislation, Steve quit.

As far as LRP and TAG, Jet, moving in the right direction?  What are their measurable results?  What are their measurable results in AZ?  Here we are moving 3 anti real id bills right now.  No fanfare necessary.  No recognition necessary.  No attempts at trying to brand selves as national anything nor experts in anything.

There are people who move the football and there are people who talk about moving the football, but don't or move it for the other team, either because they are on the other team in fact, or are naive novices trying to create name recognition above actual accomplishment or because they're just retarded.


Comment by Nick Barnett
Entered on:

I certainly don't speak for FP, but like you, I can have my own opinions. AJ's hawking of things like Silver Lungs and pleas for free cash in his "money bomb", has finally gotten under my skin. He obviously has a market... he would have a bigger one if he didn't disgust his fans like this. I haven't seen anything that LRP or TAG has done that I didn't think was great... maybe there is something I've missed, but they seem like good people to me. I met them at their Operation DeFuse presentation when they were in Phoenix and was impressed.

I think AJ has an issue with Katherine. About 4-5 months ago, Katherine called into the Alex Jones Show and was talking about the midwest freedom fest and a couple of other things that her and her crew were working on. She was introduced as having something to do with Camp FEMA... as soon as she started talking about a non-infowars event, he hung up on her, mid sentence, with his famous "I thank you for your call."

I'm not sure what is going on there, but its either a personal grudge, or a grudge against anything he isn't leading. I would believe either... both are equally LAME.

Now I know why AJ doesn't go out very often... he's scarred of making a fool of himself... which he did.  I'm curious to know if there are other protests he has co-opted... I've seen everyone of his movies, and he's always in a big crowd of people spouting off on his bullhorn, and I dug it. Its weird to see the other perspective.

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

Thanks for the reply and all I can say in closing is that I couldn't find my ass with both hands at 25 years of age, and so I have mad respect for these guys regardless of how I feel about every single one of their tactics. 

I've gotten to know Catherine Bleish and John Bush recently (they both stayed at my house for a few days this month when they came to Phoenix for Operation De-fuse) and I can assure you that they work tirelessly toward the ends we all seek.  Therefore, I can see no other option than to keep on encouraging them in their efforts. 

You see, although I consider it to be a personal weakness, I too am someone who tends to wear their heart on their sleeve, so I guess I find it difficult to be critical of those who possess similar attributes.  





Comment by Anonymous
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It's ironic on a libertarian website that someone out to make a profit is so derided.

Jet, perhaps you're right.  I can be persuaded by your reasoning.  On the same token, I find it hard to get over the freshman attitude of TAG and LRP. They attempt to sell themselves as nationwide experts, but are freshmen.  Nothing wrong with that, but before you go off panning yourselves as nationwide experienced activists, its a good idea to have some accomplishments under your belt.  They remind of Steve Vincent when he tried to sell himself as THE nationwide anti-REAL ID opponent.  All he did was end up disrupting actual, tangible and in-process anti-real id efforts and legislation.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Dear Anonymous,

A ton of assumptions, eh?  I don't know what assumptions you think I made, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

While I do agree that this is yet another dramatic mountain made out of a molehill, it is not unfamiliar territory for Alex Jones or the Liberty Restoration Project.  I also agree with you that many people in many countries, including the always-referenced "child" demographic, are being killed by drones, but I don't see how the drones or the manufactured collapse of the economy has anything to do with this incident.

Don't you think that, as the "senior activist,"  it would have been a better course of action for Alex Jones to encourage the younger activists by PARTICIPATING in theirevent instead of CO-OPTING it?  Obviously, Alex thought the idea of holding a protest at APD HQ was a good idea,or he wouldn't have otherwise attended, but what good came from him showing up? 

It's not as though TAG, LRP, and LOLA deserved the same treatment Alex gave Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, but that's the treatment he gave them nonetheless, right? 

For the record, I really like Alex Jones but I've got to call bullshit on his actions yesterday. 

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Dear Anonymous Coward,

You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: Posting anonymously is lame.

Thank you, Nick

Comment by Nick Barnett
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If AJ is such an expert, how come he hasn't been out on the streets for months... or maybe even years? If he "knows how its done", why didn't he offer to share his knowledge to help the next generation of activists? Simple. Alex is a cash cow and does only what he needs to do in order to make money. Maybe he cares about the country and constitution, but I'm beginning to think its all a ploy for more money. Either that or he really is a bad guy.

That's it. Alex Jones is either a money hungry jerk or he is a bad guy. Those are your 2 choices.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Perhaps Alex knows Catherine and that other newbie from TAG, did you think about that?  Perhaps that newbie skinny guy has come into conflict with Alex before.

Did you consider that maybe Alex was busy, didn't get their invite and went down there on his own schedule because it was advantageous to him and his listenership, viewership?

Look I dont know jack about Alex except that I've been watching his videos for close to 15 years.  I know a little about TAG and LRP and I think they are newbie naive jokers. 

You've made a ton of assumptions about Alex which you don't know and the LRP/TAG videos have 3 ticked off people.  So what.

This is another mountain out of a molehill.

There are so many more important things like the fact that our nation is killing children in Pakistan by remote control.  Or that the government stole the accumulated wealth of the entire lives of a generation that has not even been born yet.

The newbies need to get the hell over it and keep on keeping on.  If they have any sticking power they will be the "Alex" in this video in 15 years and the next generation will be attacking them as the cointelpro agents.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Comment by Jet Lacey
Entered on:

You didn't post your name so I can't address you properly but I don't see how you can say that. 

Not only was it not Alex's event, he was cordially invited to speak in the first or last slot.  He chose not to in order to co-opt the event for his own benefit.  On top of that, he was a complete f*cking asshole about it. 

As an aside, I have taken issue with some of the tactics used by Catherine Bleish and the circle of activists she acts in loose coordination with (we have had them on "Declare Your Independence" on multiple occasions), but in this case it would appear that they were well within their rights to tell Alex Jones "what for and what five."  Not only did he behave an a boorish manner, he was insulting and degrading to fellow activists.



Comment by Anonymous
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 OMG.  I'm glad I watched all of these videos in full.  The LRP were like 3 libertarians who had the attention of maybe another 17.  Maybe.  They were little wimpy p***ies who whipped the crowd into light cream chease.  Maybe.  Then the big swinging **** showed up who rallied hundreds of people while obtaining footage for his show where hopefully he'll inform some people nationwide and make a profit.

That's not cointelpro.  That's daddy showing the kids how its done.  The LRP would do well to learn rather than whine.   LOL

Comment by Anonymous
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 I hate to say it but Alex Jones is right.  The LRP is a joke and they are on the border of doing more harm than good as a result of their profound naivete and ignorance.