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Local Meetup planning to oust Liberal Amnesty lover John McCain

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No more McCain Meetup Group!
The sole objective of this meet-up is to get John McCain out of office in 2010. Anyone, any party, any age is welcome. This meet-up will not endorse any candidate.
The tyrant in the Senate seat must go, period. "We The People" have had enough. You are fired Mr.McCain. The mainstream media has biased the elections and court of public opinion long enough. No more.
The goal is simply to get McCain out and any activities or meet-ups you wish to organize or put together is the other goal. This meet-up belongs to, you "The People"

You are the feet and hands. Any activity or anything you want posted or if you wish to be an organizer please let me know. I hope we can grow and have an active base.
Everybody can contribute something, time, talents. Some may wish to email others go to sign waves, some dress up and go confront the "Tyrant" on his own playing field. Either way I welcome all and the efforts and energy of all. 
Sincerely, Andrea Garcia

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Inviting the "Navajo" to a meeting will for sure,put the "Songbird/Peabody Coal Co" under the bus. 

Lets invite those that have POW,or,MIA love ones still in Viet Nam and ask them who put and end to the search.

Lets ask the "Songbird" if when he prayed to his God if he told his God what he was going to do when he got home,and;what did his God say about it?

Let`s ask john if he and his wife have ever made a profit from the current war(s).

It is at the point where I don`t really give a damn if the "Songbird" was a POW or not...he`s has used it up,and it`s now turning against him...too may questions remain unanswered.

Comment by Steve Freedom
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Since I now live out of State I want to donate a couple hundred bucks that goes directly to making signs against this neo-con, war mongering, amnesty loving, freedom hating douche.If we need a 503C or other group then Joe Buckly already has one established.

Lets also not forget the complete contempt and mockery he treated Ron Paul with during the debates.

I want to help get rid of this scum.