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4409 -- Jet Lacey explains QIK

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4409 will have a big announcement in the next couple of days so please stay tuned!!!!!

You can catch Jet Lacey on his Radio show via RBN Monday - Friday 11-1 CST and 4-6 CST
when he fills in for Ernest Hancock on "Declare your Independence" go to and you can find links for past shows

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Comment by Ed Price
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How about an optical fiber attachment that brings in the view. The view is then sorted by computer software in the camera to bring it into focus. The camera can be in the pocket while the end of the optical fiber is the only thing showing. Nobody would know that they were being videoed unless they are very good at detecting the end of fiber optics.

Does somebody have an enclosed camera case that makes the camera phone impervious to EMP? Soon law enforcement will encase all their electronic equipment in such, and send out a localized EMP burst every time they stop somebody. This will burn out the cell phones and other electronics in range of the burst. But theirs will be left intact.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Could you possibly, like the often referenced "skinny mirrors," have a "skinny camera?"  Because, for the life of me, I don't ever recall looking that handsome in any one of the literally thousands of solo homemade pornos I've starred in.