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4409 -- Illegal Alien at Checkpoint tries to steal my Camera

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The checkpoint is an hour from the actual border and is NOT to catch illegals like they would have you believe.
It's about pirating and making cash. Ask yourself...where does all these drug confiscations go? Do you ever see where it actually goes? The answer is NO
We need to get rid of this fantasy that the government is working for us....they are for-profit corporation.
This is not some random checkpoint and the Illegals are not that freaking stupid to go to a checkpoint which is known by ALL.
I'm about 90% sure that thug in the green costume is here illegally and is working for the Inland "border" Patrol.
I'm all for the border patrol as long as they are on the actual freaking border and not running amuck all over the United States harassing the Americans and violating laws.
Click here for the story reported on CNN where illegals were caught working guessed it... the border patrol.
I actually told this illegal that I was illegal and NOTHING happened.

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Comment by Charles Gillespie
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I think this video needs to be taken to Dennis Burke's office. He's the AZ rep for the US Dept. o' justice. His address is  Two Renaissance Square 40 North Central Ave. Suite 1200 Phoenix, AZ 85004-4408 and his phone # is (602)514-7500. 

The fact that this shiny badge reached inside the compartment of your vehicle, attempting to grab the camera away from you and then REALIZES his mistake, snapping back into his 'are you a U.S. Citizen' routine really raises my suspicion. I bet you could get his badge, set an example and have some real fun with this 'kick a BP in the nuts for FREE' coupon they handed you.

The beautiful part (as always) is that you have it ALL ON TAPE, (with a witness!)


Comment by Richard Stone
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 I think the video would have been much more entertaining if the driver had hit the window button and rolled up the guys arm, then you hear a crunching sound and it falls in the drivers lap. Maybe that will teach them not to violate the 4th ammendment.

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Get a freakin sign up, now!
Comment by anon anona
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Holy cow, a federal agent tried to blatantly seize private property without cause or provocation, operating so far into "color of law" territory that it gives me goosebumps.